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Snoring solutions Australia – while you may think they would be the same as those around the globe, they are not. In Australia, a place where 52% of snorers are embarrassed, probably so much so that they don’t speak about it, we have unique challenges thrown at us. So, if you are keen to stop snoring, find snoring solutions, and stop snoring immediately, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Top 10 snoring solutions – Australia

Things you can do:

  1. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. While this isn’t a usual tip to stop snoring Australia, it should be. See, if you’re clever, you’ll eat a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods, which reduces the likelihood of irritating the airways and snoring. Specifically, anti-inflammatory foods such as berries, citrus fruits, avocado, fatty fish like salmon and tuna and olive oil are best.
  2. Avoid pro-inflammatory foods. On a similar vein, pro-inflammatory foods may exacerbate snoring, and as such, should be avoided. Aim to reduce your intake of refined sugar, and products which contain it – cakes, lollies, cookies; vegetable oils such as canola and sunflower oil; and of course, alcohol. 
  3. Keep moving, albeit gently. Though you may be tired, movement is critical and can help you keep a healthy weight. There are plenty of options available, from pilates and yoga to aqua aerobics – find what works for you. 
  1. A sleep diary. Tracking your habits that are related to snoring (e.g. those above), and your ‘snore score’ each night is a wise move. This will help you know and understand specifically which behaviours increase your snore score, so you can avoid them. 
  2. Get support. Just like if you had a problem with your computer that you didn’t know how to fix, snoring is the same – a problem that sleep experts like myself are able to fix. Unless you are a sleep expert, don’t expect to solve the problem yourself – it’s not that easy, or you would have already done that. 
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What to include in your bedroom:

  1. Get a himalayan salt lamp. Though we have a beautiful and relatively clean country, to stop snoring Australia, we need to consider our landscape. Dust, pollution and allergens can aggravate airways and heighten snoring, so minimising these toxins is key. Get a himalayan salt lamp to help you.
  2. Try a wedge pillow. By sleeping on your back, you exacerbate snoring – however, sleeping on your side, or at the very least, having your face on the side, this reduces it. 
  3. Try Mute Snoring ‘s nasal dilator. If I didn’t experience this first hand, I wouldn’t believe it works so well – but it does. Statistically speaking, 75% of snorers snore less when they use the gentle nose dilator. And, from personal experience, this changes snoring from a roaring horn to a faint whistle. I I have this in my sleep shop – invest now!
  4. Get earplugs. This will give peace of mind to those around you – however, there’s a chance they won’t even need them. Again, I have these in my sleep shop.
  5. Air purifying spray. Perfect for those weekend trips, this ensures your bedroom stays pollution free, where-ever you are. As above, allergies and snoring go hand in hand – so do what you need to minimise this risk.
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