I'm a sleep expert - and that's probably
the least interesting thing about me. 

Hey,I'm Olivia

Olivia is Australia’s leading Sleep Expert,
speaker, author, coach and advisor. 

After 9 years of study, her qualifications include a
 Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology),
 Certificate of Sleep Psychology,
Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine),
and a Certificate 3+4 in Fitness.

Olivia's expertise has been solicited for global brands such as Google, Ikea, Sealy Posturepedic and Fitbit, who have shared her science based sleep strategies to the media, consumers and employees alike. 

On the media landscape, Olivia has been featured in Forbes, has a popular column in the Australia's leading health media platform, Body and Soul, and is a regular speaker on live TV shows including Sunrise, The Today Show and Studio 10.

Lastly, but definitely not least, her bestselling book, 
Bear, Lion or Wolf, is now published in 10 countries in 8 languages, seeing her mission to help individuals feel their best, inside and out, via sleep, go global.

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I am

Independent, idealistic, intelligent, hard working, ambitious and spiritual

I value

Growth, health, authenticity, integrity, connection and love

I believe

Life is unfolding for you, rather than happening
to you

Why would I feel like I wasn’t good enough?

Actually, my late childhood and teenage years were marred by major depression, including a suicide attempt at the age of 14;
then bulimia and anorexia; which left me hospitalised for 3 months at 17. 

And though it seems like a lifetime ago,
I still remember the darkness - the days I didn’t want to get out of bed,
to those I was in that much psychological pain, that I felt nothing at all. 

And, as many of those with a mental illness would know; for years,
no one knew- or could make sense of it. 
Especially as I was a straight A student, did well in sport and seemingly happy;
it seemed strange that I was suffering, or struggling with self worth. I mean -

I'll be honest - my journey hasn't always been a highlight reel. 

It was a Saturday night, and I was frustrated that I couldn’t attend a friend's 18th birthday party - I was too unwell to be let out of the ward.

However, one night in hospital at the age of 17, I distinctly recall the moment that everything changed.

Then it dawned on me: if I don’t get better, I will miss out… on everything.

While this is something I understood and overcome after years of therapy,
at the time of hospitalisation, I did feel that way - so much so that I refused treatment, because I didn't think I 'deserved' it.

In fact, I will miss out on life.

With that realisation, I knew recovery wasn't optional: it was the only way.

It was the only way I would truly live again - like, really live.

And I knew deep down, that's what I truly wanted - it's what we all want.

When this clicked, almost in an instant, I completely changed. 

I began to fight for my life -
battling the voices in my head, engaging in my therapy, 
and eating whatever I needed to. 

And although the journey was nothing short of exhausting, 
and sometimes I doubted if I would actually get better, 
eventually, things shifted. I started to notice: 

I was starting to live again
 - fully, freely, and
without fear.

I was laughing more, loving more
and living more. 

I was moving out of the dark,
and into the light. 

And, after experiencing this transformation for myself; and
knowing how amazing it was to live, laugh and love again;

I knew it was my purpose to help others do the same...

but I didn't know it would be via sleep.

They say that when you're doing what you're meant to - things fall into place easily. And this is exactly what I found when with my work in sleep. 

See, I knew I needed to support my intention to create happier, healthier lives with qualifications; so I studied - A Bachelor of Social Science (Psyschology), a certificate of Sleep. Psychology, a Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and a Certificate 3+4 in Fitness. 

Through this process, I started coaching - first with various modalities - stress, weight loss... and then sleep. 

My sleep clients saw rapid, transformation results - and initially, I thought nothing of it. After all, fixing sleep, for me, was easy.

I just combined my 9 years of studies, and applied the science in a straightforward, streamlined manner. 

Second, within months of specialising in sleep,
I was asked - completely out of the blue -
 by Sealy Posturepedic
to be their media spokesperson.

A few months later, again, completely out of the blue, Ikea asked me the same.

I tell you - if there was ever any doubt I had found my calling, it disappeared
 when two of the biggest brands in the bedding industry popped into my inbox,
completely out of the blue, and asked me to represent them. 

But.. I knew I was onto something when my sleep clients started coming at me left, right and centre. 

That was 2018. Since then, I’ve been featured on Forbes, The Today Show, The Morning Show and BBC Radio.

And, in 2021;
I was asked by Echo Publishing
 to writeBear, Lion or Wolf,
which is now in 10 countries.

In 2020, I was offered my own column in
 Australia's leading  wellness magazine -
Body and Soul.

But most importantly, I have helped the global community sleep better, feel better and live better - exactly as I intended at the age of 17. 

And know that yes, this means you too. 

Olivia x

To be honest, though I am proud of my success, what I’m actually more thrilled about is that I have remained true to my purpose:

to help others move from their darkness into their light, and become their best selves
in the process. 

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