How to stop snoring – in 7 steps

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How to stop snoring – if you’re a snorer, this question probably keeps you up, night after night. Googling ‘snoring solutions’, ‘how to stop snoring immediately’, and ‘what causes snoring’, you’re desperate for something that actually works. Worse still, it’s leaving you exhausted through the day – alongside other symptoms of poor sleep. And again, worse still, you’re probably too ashamed to tell anyone too. A recent study by Mute Snoring fond 52% of Aussies were ‘very embarrassed’ about their snoring. Alas, you’re left in silence, feeling confused and still wondering: “how to stop snoring”?


Why do people snore?

Snoring is caused by vibrations in the airways – that’s it! This can be due to a few reasons. First, you may be overweight, and the airways are compressed. Second, this may be from alcohol, which relaxes the muscles around the airways, causing them to collapse. Or third, it may be due to a structural issue. With this in mind, snoring is akin to coughing or sneezing – it’s a human experience. 

How to stop snoring?

  1. Ensure you are at a healthy weight. As noted in a University of Florida study, weight loss – when needed – can improve snoring. This was to the extent that in some cases, snoring was eliminated. 
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol. A 2020 meta analytic study found alcohol can worsen snoring – period. Essentially, it relaxes the muscles around the airways, increasing your likelihood of snoring. And, as a result, those snorers are more likely to have sleeping problems, and struggle with fatigue.
  3. Avoid sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your back leads the tongue and soft palate to collapse onto the back of the throat, exacerbating snoring.
  4. Try a wedge pillow. This can help your face remain on the side through the night.
  5. Purify your air: an air purifier can reduce allergens, which can otherwise block your nose, cause irritation and exacerbate snoring symptoms.
  6. Apply eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus is a tried and tested anti-inflammatory, anti-congestant and anti-microbial substance – with clinical trials indicating it can reduce the severity and length of an infection. With respect to your shut eye, it’s important to note such infections can contribute to snoring.
  7. Try a nasal dilator, such as Mute Snoring. By gently opening up their airways and increasing air flow, many users find a reduction in their snoring. Specifically, their clinical trials indicate snoring can be reduced by 75%; and that 78% of users breathe easier at night. 
how to stop snoring

Remember – how to stop snoring is a challenging task.

But – if you take this advice here, you’ll be one step closer to saying goodbye to snoring for good. Unlike some articles on social media, these expert curated tips are backed by scientific evidence – so they actually work.

And also remember – if you are struggling, please reach out for support. You’re never alone.

Olivia x

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