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A quality mattress – such a fundamental of a good nights sleep. In fact, for those with lower back pain, a new mattress can improve sleep quality by 55 per cent, according to a 2006 study by Oklahoma State University. However, even if you don’t have lower back pain, having a mattress which supports you in all the right places is key! Here, on behalf of Origin Mattress, I’m pleased to share exactly why you need a quality mattress, and my review of their Hybrid Mattress. 

Why do we need a quality mattress? 

Sleep depth is just as important as sleep length – and if we are sleeping on a mattress that leaves us uncomfortable, tossing and turning all night, this is just as bad as not sleeping at all. 

Specifically, we struggle to get into deep sleep (stage ¾ sleep), and instead, spend more time in light (stage 2 NREM) sleep. As a result, we experience similar effects to that of sleep deprivation: 

  • We are fatigued. Essentially, during sleep, our bodies produce human growth hormone – the key catalyst for muscle repair. In fact, research by the University of Chicago  found that 70 per cent of human growth hormone is produced in slow wave sleep – as in, deep sleep. So – if you’re waking fatigued and finding the simplest of tasks challenging, it’s likely you haven’t spent enough time in deep sleep and/or sleep altogether.

  • Our immune system is suppressed. As noted in a 2015 study by the University of California, you are over four times more likely to catch a cold when you sleep six rather than seven hours at night. Yes, just one hour less escalates your risk of becoming unwell by around four times. This is in part due to high cortisol (see above), and in part due to the 70% decline in natural killer cells that accompanies sleep loss – immune agents which usually detect and kill invading pathogens. 

  • We make mistakes. Lack of sleep impairs your frontal lobe – the brain region responsible for decision making, judgment and time management. A 2016 sleep survey by Australia’s Sleep Health Foundation found that 29 per cent of workplace errors can be directly attributed to fatigue – yes, that’s almost one in three. If that’s you, please do not feel like there is something wrong with you. Your body is just trying to communicate to you, ‘I need more sleep’

  • We have brain fog and memory loss. A 2018 study published in  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Found that for each night you don’t sleep enough, your levels of beta-amyloid (Aβ), a neurotoxin that contributes to brain fog, impaired memory and even Alzheimer’s disease, increases by 5 per cent. This happens each night, let alone after weeks, months or years of insufficient sleep. 

  • We’re anxious. The University of Chicago found that just one night of insufficient sleep can see the stress hormone cortisol increase by 37 per cent. After two nights, it’s 45 per cent. The consequences of this include an inability to switch off, feeling ‘wired but tired’ and mental rumination

2. How can Origin’s Hybrid Mattress help you sleep better? 

By supporting you in all the right places, this leaves you more likely to sleep deeply, and spend more time in slow wave sleep. This is largely due to it’s HexaGridTM layer: a patent pending orthopedic layer, designed from thousands of hours of research, with the aim to enhance back support and temperature regulation. What’s unique here is that the layer is separated into three sections – with the midsection providing greater support for your back, and the top and bottom providing less, which means your head and feet have greater cushioning. This means greater pressure relief for your back, even weight distribution and relief from back and joint pain. 

I believe this is the factor responsible which earn it awards such as  ‘Best Mattress for Back Pain’, and the ‘Best Overall Mattress’ in many awards globally.

3. What’s my experience been?

As someone with a lighter frame, I actually find plush mattresses suit me best – my body doesn’t sink in so much like someone with a heavier frame. Further, I fortunately do not have any back issues, nor do I need such strong support from my mattress. Therefore, although I can recommend it for those who have back pain, or those who prefer a firmer mattress, for me, I found it best when I added a layer of cushioning between myself and the mattress – then, I slept very well! 

4. What else to know about the Origin Hybrid Matress?

I am a huge advocate of try before you buy – which also applies to online mattresses! Fortunately, Origin have a 120 day trial period, and free shipping – so you’re safe to test and see. 

Next, there is a 15 year warranty – which is incredible, and reflects the quality and craftsmanship of the mattress itself. As such, I am not surprised that it is recommended by health professionals and olympic athletes.

Lastly, the mattress is one of the best value for money mattresses I have seen yet. Despite it’s high quality, a queen is less than $700 AUD – so please, do yourself a favour and head to the Origin website and give the Hybrid a try! Remember, you have nothing to lose, and as you can see from this blog, everything to gain! 

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