Why sleep tourism is the dreamiest new wellness trend for 2023

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Is it time to invest in sleep tourism? Image: Pexels.

You know when Conde Nast Traveller, Forbes and Oprah Daily cover the same topic only months apart, it’s on trend, to say the least. Introducing sleep tourism; hotels and retreats expanding their wellness offerings beyond traditional measures, such as yoga and meditation, to incorporate a glorious ‘suite’ of dreams and sleep.

Given our worldwide and widespread lack of sleep, Aussies, on average, sleep as little as 6.2 hours, Brits, 6.4, and those in the US, a pitiful 5.8 hours; it’s very much needed. Here is everything you need to know about this rising trend so that you can book a sleep retreat before everyone else.  

First, what is a sleep retreat? 

A sleep retreat is exactly what you think it is, a hotel or stand-alone retreat space focused on sleep optimisation. However, what this actually entails differs between venues. In my humble expert opinion, a quality sleep wellness program will consider: bedroom design, lighting, mattress and bedding, technology, bedroom amenities, in-room dining and the mini bar, sleep teas, wellness activities and the day spa. While this may seem over the top, if you are investing in getting your best night’s sleep, these elements should be included. 

Here are what leading hotels in sleep tourism offer as exemplar sleep retreats. Image: Pexels.

Which hotels are leading the pack? 

While this is a relatively new trend, it’s quickly catching on. Over in the US, New York’s Park Hyatt is leveraging the power of technology by partnering with AI mattress start–up Bryte. With mattresses fitted with 90 intelligent cushions that sense, respond and relieve pressure points, internal climate control and sleep-tracking data, the hotel guests are ‘rest assured’ to have their best night’s sleep. 

Over the ocean in Coimbra, Portugal, ultra-luxury Swedish mattress brand Hästens  is offering ‘superlative sleep’ in their intimate Sleep Spa. With a clientele list including Drake and mattresses priced at $200,000 (yes, really). A stay here gives an experience only a $50,000 euro bed, a choice of 14 pillows, and an app with a library of sleep tips can offer.

Closer to home, boutique hotel Ovolo offered a ‘deep sleep experience in Woolloomooloo, which was curated and carried out by yours truly. While we didn’t have any $200,000 mattresses, we did adjust lighting, provide a sleep-supportive mini bar and in–room dining, and provide a suitable sleep schedule–complete with a sleep coaching session, yoga and sound healing. 

Tried and tested hotel amenities that ensure a good night’s sleep. Image: Unsplash.

Who is sleep tourism designed for?

Sleep tourism and hotels that offer sleep wellness programs and sleep retreats are designed for one person: those looking to get a good night’s sleep. This could stem from jetlag, an overwhelming work schedule, being a parent, or simply being part of a busy, sleep–deprived society.

Regardless of the reason, if this is calling out to you, jump on the sleep tourism bandwagon before everyone else. 

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