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Ceremony 1:


Show me how to love myself unconditionally, my purpose, my passion, my vibrance. 


Let others lead 


Make play of everything – work, life, eating 

Life is light – play, being soft is my space 

If disconnected, spiralling, stuck – go to spirit, connect with affirmations 

Affirmations daily, gratitude daily 

Purpose: meet great people, have great experiences.

And you will find the amazing happens naturally – this is why you are stuck – you’re waiting for amazing.


You can’t get mazing on your own! That’s why you are stuck – STOP waiting and stopping yourself – 

Just LET GO make fun and play of everything 

Then your life will be amazing! 

Say YES, 

Feel great 

Dont question the lead 

Allow others to lead, go on the adventure together.

Stop fantasising in your head – just allow it to unfold, dive in before you are ready.

You’ll never be ready for the amazing adventure the is YOUR LIFE.

Ceremony 2:


Let go of my body, let go of the ego, let go of control.

The life of freedom, peace, serenity, wholeness is on the other side of control. I vow to drop any resistance to this intention, as I know it is my birthright to experience pure love, light, joy and vibrance. 

The ONLY way forward is to surrdender and let go – then my life will be the adventure I crave, the destiny I seek, the connection to self I NEED for alignment,, happiness, fulfilment, serenity.

I trust the process, trust that I am safe, and trust that I have all the tools I need to let go – completely, fully and without hesitation. I trust the process, trust the journey. I am safe, I am evolving, I am free. 


Dear dad,

Thank you for loving me more than I will ever know. I’m sorry I thought you left, because now I know you’re always with me in my heart. 

All my sadness has circled around missing you – because that’s how much I love you.

All the games, all the pain, all the hate, all the control – it was all because I was sad that we couldn’t go on our adventures. 

Today in ceremony I learnt all the impatience, wanting to be somewhere else, wanting to be numb, it was all because I was missing you and trying to speed up time until you got home so I could be with you again. 

You’re my king, my hero, my best friend – everyone else is just a bonus because I know I have you.

I need you to know too, for your healing, that I’m always with you too. At work, at home, I’m always with you.

We are forever intertwined, spirit souls, and our love transcends time and space.

If you ever get sad, know I’m always by your side, on the adventure together, and I will do the same.

I love you endlessly and excited for our future together, all the adventures – knowing we’re always together, irrespective of time and place, our spirits are always together. 

And this is what we both want, why we have always seeked. I love you, and I am happy that our adventure has already begun. 

I vow to honour the wisdom you speak – look for simplicity, authenticity, step away from the bullshit and connect with people of the earth, land, planet, the tribal people. 

I’ll seek genuine experiences, like visiting a village, deeply connecting with my adventure buddies, and of course going to the markets. 

I am forever grateful for the grounding you have offered me and understand it to be truth.

I love you, and I’ll see you soon. 

With me forever, with you forever. 


Ceremony 3


Clarity – what’s next for my highest self, in my career, travel, location, self? 

What will serve my soul? What will lead to fulfilment long term?

I surrender to the guidance, the wisdom, the knowledge in the universe. I trust I will learn exactly what I need to know for my next step, and the steps ahead.

I trust the journey, I trust the process, I trust giving into the medicine will grant me clarity for my current and next phase.

I surrender.



  1. Decide you want freedom
  2. Meet people with freedom
  3. Ask how they do it 
  4. Replicate 

You are smart, but others are smarter with money so you should invest your time with those people so you can learn the secrets to FREEDOM and living life and still making money.

Your old ways have served you and CAN serve you as you want, BUT to follow this path IGNORES the LIMITLESS POTENTIAL of the universe and CREATIVE CAPACITY and ULTIMATE FREEDOM that is your destiny – 


You dont HAVE to, but if you want the life of your dreams, where time is endless, you can indulge TRUE PURPOSE which is DEEP CONNECTION, you MUST step outside of what you know and LEARN how to be more effective and efficient making money by meeting others doing this and taking their advice. 

THEN you can life a life of adventure as you want – think walking for days, dancing till dawn, exploring ALL of the cities and ALL of the countries – THIS CAN BE YOURS if you step outside of you and LEARN from others doing this exact thing, then REPLICATE AND REPEAT.




If you feel scared in this process, come back to me.

Daily practices:

  • Movement 
  • Affirmations
  • Bob proctor abundance meditation – twice 
  • Be nice to yourself 
  • Put self criticism IN THE BOX under the bed
  • Meet great people 
  • Have great adventures 
  • Dance 
  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Learn
  • Grow
  • Love
  • See the goodness in all situation 
  • Be a great person
  • Trust abundance 
  • Visualisations 
  • Affirmations 
  • Reading 



This is what you will be on stage for – preaching and spreading the message of ABUNDANCE 

Sleep is serving you but its not what will put you on the main stage.

For this, abundance is key and focusing on the good that already exists. 

Gratitude and self gratitude is the way – what you will share globally for this.

Networking is everything.

Being this person NOW in your words, intentions, actions, behaviours – when you become this person and tune into the abundance, the ONLY thing that will manifest is LOVE and LIGHT for you and everyone.

THIS IS YOUR ULTIMATE PURPOSE AND IT WILL ONLY COME TRUTH AND YOUR LIFE IF YOU ARE THE EMBODIMENT OF THIS – tap into abundance, put ego in the box, trust, take advice from others smarter than you, and ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

Dance, smile, be grateful, explore, dance, love, light, love, light. 


Inspiring others to their highest power is your deepest desire – it’s not sleep.

Put sleep to bed! 

Move onto your next journey, your next path, which is to tap into abundance and spread the message.

If you are scared as to how this will work financially, it’s ok, tap into abundance and remember what happened in 2019 when jaguar XXX’d your business – in one month. 

This can happen again if you follow the rules:

  1. Abundance meditation, at least twice a day.
  2. Connect with those who have wealth 
  3. Ask how 
  4. Rinse and repeat 

You’ll see most of them are multi dimensional and have multiple businesses, as you can too.

But in order to know how to do this you need to LEARN, READ and EXPAND and TAKE ADVICE 

From those who are the 5%.

This is your next step, your journey, your path.

You also need to decide how you will spend your oversupply of time and money.

Build a retreat centre for healing, and gift it those who can’t pay. 

Make it a hub for your favourite healers and run retreats – 1 per month to give you connection to community, spirit, source – which is what you NEED to remain balanced, aligned, healing.

You asked what’s next:




Learning about wealth from those who do it well 

Learning about manifestation from those doing it well


Moving your body and location 

Living your true purpose 

When you are this person, you will meet the people you need to take it global.

Connect with abundance, alignment, love and light…. AND INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.

Ceremony 4

Intention: show me anything else I need to know.

Downloads: you already know everything you need to know. Just take the advice. That’s all. 

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