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THE SHORT VERSION – MY INTENTIONS AND MY DOWNLOADS. Ceremony 1: Intention: Show me how to love myself unconditionally, my purpose, my passion, my vibrance.  — Downloads:  Let others lead  PLAY Make play of everything – work, life, eating  Life is light – play, being soft is my space  If disconnected, spiralling, stuck – go […]

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smart, savvy and more than just a sleep expert.

Hi, I'm Olivia.

If you want raw, real and unfiltered Olivia, my blog is where you'll find it.
As an author and avid writer, I find immense pleasure in sharing the ins and outs - without holding back - of my journey through life.
Professionally, I'm a sleep expert - but i'm guessing you already know that.
Personally, I'm a free-flowing, idealistic introvert who loves to travel, dance and enjoy an Aperol Spritz.

Thank you for reading my blog - if you want to know more about me, click below.

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sharing sleep strategies that enable your best you.

100% of my clients using mine see improvements in their sleep...
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