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100% Blue Light Blocking Glasses

My number one, non negotiable for quality sleep: 100% blue light blocking glasses. 

Evidence indicates they can help you fall asleep 50% faster and reduce night time wakings by 66% (1).

With light our primary zeitgeber (factor to control the circadian rhythm), there is NOTHING more important than this.

Note that you need these glasses even if you avoid screens before bed, as ceiling lights contain blue light too.

I am sleeping. SO. MUCH. BETTEr. Olivia, You are an angel!
- katey

what a difference! I rave to everyone about it
- silvana
I used to wake up 5 times a night. now, twice, at the most.
- george

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If you want a SIGNED copy of my book with your order, simply add $30!

Q: I have clear blue light blocking glasses / blue light filters in my prescription lenses - is this the same? 
A: No. Transparent lenses block maximum 50%, whereas these block 100% of blue light - you need these for night, the others are suitable for daytime.

Q: I don't watch a screen or use my phone in the 2 hours before bed - do I still need them?
A: Yes, because ceiling lights also emit blue light.

Q: Do I wear them to sleep?
A: No, 2 hours before bed, and if / when you wake in the middle of the night.

Q: I use night shift - is this sufficient? 
A: No - it makes a minor difference (4%) in the amount of melatonin your body produces - meaning with or without night shift, your sleepiness hormone is suppressed and it will be hard for you to fall and stay asleep.

FAQ about blue light glasses

The Sleep Kit

The Sleep Kit gives you the ESSENTIALS for a good nights sleep. In the kit:

- 100% blue light blocking glasses from Block Blue Light
- 100% pure French lavender oil from Buckley and Phillips 
- 7 days of magnesium from INTU Wellness 
- Signed copy of my book 
- Bedtime routine
- Sleep diary 
- Sleep checklist

This is best for those who want an complete overhaul of their sleep routine - it gives you the fundamental tools you NEED to sleep well!

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