In a matter of days, Olivia's advice was able to totally reverse my 20 year habit of sleeping only 3 hours, to sleep 7 hours.



What can Olivia help you with?

Circadian misalignment: feeling alert in the evening, yet exhausted in the morning

Understanding and overcoming insomnia

Building your best morning, daytime and bedtime routine

Making healthy sleep habits stick, long term

Or a topic of your choice... just ask me in your

Managing unique challenges to sleep,
such as shift work, ageing and chronic illness

Daytime fatigue

Difficulty 'switching off' and bedtime anxiety

Avoiding sleeping tablets and melatonin (and still being able to sleep well)


"Last year, all of a sudden,
I couldn't sleep, which then bought on anxiety, because all day I would wonder if I was going to sleep that night...

 ..then I stumbled on Olivia, have had 3 sessions her... and she has completely solved my problem. 

I'm able to fall asleep, and haven't had any sleeping tablets - I'm completely blown away.

During lockdown I suffered anxiety and insomnia - going to bed anxious, sleeping 3-4 hours consecutive nights in a row, I was waking up exhausted and unable to function throughout the day.

After 1 week, I saw a dramatic change. And I can honestly say after 3 weeks, she has changed my life.

I wasn't going to bed with anxiety, I was sleeping 8 hours a night, I was waking up refreshed, I felt so much better through the day. 




saying goodbye to insomnia for good

sleeping through the night without fail

sleeping deeply for 8 hours - for the next 30 days straight

waking up fresh
and full of energy
each morning

all of this is possible - with my help

falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow


Olivia's coaching books are currently closed.

However, she can still help you.

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Prior to seeing Olivia, i was dealing with sleep problems for 7-8 years - sleeping pills, powders, breathing techniques - you name it, I tried it. 

I was waking up countless times through the night, would go to bed anxious, and wake up feeling drained. 

Since seeing Olivia,
I was surprised how instantaneously i saw results -
I now go to bed and fall asleep right away, with no anxiety,
wake 1-2 times a night and am able to return to sleep,
and I wake up feeling refreshed. 

The impact on my life has been profound. 

I reached out to Olivia because i was only sleeping 2-4 hours per night for a few years, and felt like I was always in survival mode.

Then, after 1 session with Olivia, I slept for 8 hours.






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