Sexy Shoulders - 10 Minute Outdoor Shoulder Workout

Guys and girls alike want to have sexy shoulders, you look fitter, leaner and longer too – we are instantly drawn to your upper body upon meeting someone –we focus on the eyes, and as a consequence, can see the shoulders in their periphery.

Shaping the shoulders also gives the illusion that your torso is smaller as there is greater difference between where your arms hang and where your core region sits. Finally, it will help you leverage that stick to fend off all those hunting you down for your phone number next time you’re out.

Be sure to choose weights which allow the movements in a controlled, NON swinging manner. If you swing, it means that you aren’t as effectively working your guns, which means you wont see results you want as quickly. Leave your ego behind and pick up weights that allow you to do each rep in a controlled, stable manner.

Be sure to warm up and cool down with basic stretches, rotating lunges and arm swings to activate your muscles before adding additional weight to them.

Move 1: Lateral Raise

Work your lateral deltoids (side of your shoulders) super effectively with this movement. Begin by holding your core strong, knees slightly bent, elbows slightly bent and straight down by your side. Using your shoulder strength for control and stability, bring your arms up so your wrists are at shoulder height. Do not swing! This should take you 2 seconds, hold for 2 seconds once at your arms are level to shoulders, then return to starting position.

Repeat 8-12 times, rest for 1 minute.

Move 2: Single Arm Front Raise

Same same, but different. Isolating your front shoulder muscles moreso than the lateral raise, by doing both of these exercises back to back you have the advantage of targeting a slightly different muscle each time, yet still enhancing the overall strength of this area exceptionally well – carving out that sexy scupted shoulder region you know and love. Begin by holding your core strong, knees slightly bent, knuckles facing forward (like your eyes). In a controlled manner without swinging, bring your arm up so your wrist is at your eye height. Make sure you don’t swing (can’t stress this enough!), control the movement and complete it in a tempo of 2 seconds to raise, hold for 2 seconds at the top, then 4 seconds to return to start position. Swap arms and repeat.

Repeat 8-12 times on each arm, then rest for 1 minute.

Move 3: simultaneous lateral and front raises

Put move 1 and 2 together in one! This is SUPER challenging and will really test you! Performed as instructed as above, alternate between arms going laterally and raising in front of you. As always, be sure not to swing your body to reach shoulder height of both forward / side raises and ensure that your shoulders are keeping the movement smooth, controlled and stable.

Repeat until you’ve done 6 front and 6 side swings on both arms; then rest for 1 minute.

BONUS move: Standing dumbbell shoulder press – standard

Starting with your core being strong and knees slightly bent; have dumbells in your hands, palms upright facing forward and elbows at shoulder height (sounds complicated, isn’t really; just look at the picture). Breathing out on the way up, press the arms up so the dumbbells come slightly closer together at the top of the head. This movement should take 1 second. Hold for 3 seconds, then on the way down, allow 3 seconds.

Repeat for 8-12 reps, then rest for 1 minute.

Outdoor Glute / Legs Kettlebell Killer Workout… For beginners & advanced!

Using single leg movements creates greater instability which enhances cores strength, as well as targeting the gluteus medius muscle in the butt, the muscle largely responsible for the side curvature of the body. Doing this plus your regular squats which target the gluteus maximus (the main butt muscle) will result in a beautiful butt, no two ways about it. These movements also engage the hamstrings – you want to develop them because it creates a greater distinction between your butt and legs. Finally, the compound exercises allow for your arms to be toned at the same time, which essentially means that you’re doing double the work in the same amount of time – perfect for anyone who is busy, or just wants to be efficient when they work out.

Be sure to warm up and warm down with some gentle stretches, lunges and bodyweight squats to ensure your muscles are activated prior to starting the session.

Move 1: kettlebell Single leg curtsy lunge – with overhead press option

Start with your feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, cor on, holding a kettlebell at your nipple line. As if you were to curtsy to the queen, bring one foot behind your body as shown, lowering your torso in the process, and holding strong through the core. Keep toes pointed forward and hold for 2-3 seconds. To return to starting position, push through your front heel and squeeze your legs together. Repeat with opposite leg.

Complete this movement for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, then another 45 seconds, and rest for 30.

COMPOUND OPTION: add an overhead press.

Engage the deltoids, traps, biceps by pressing the kettlebell above your head after you’ve completed the curtsy part of the lunge and are returning to your start position. Be sure to activate your core super strongly to maintain stability.

Move 2: kettlebell single leg hip thrusts – with chest press option

This move…. Nothing suss at all. At all. Laying on your back with your one knee bent, the other on the ground, pop the kettlebell between your hips, resting your hands on it so it doesn’t fall off. Holding your torso strong, raise your butt so your body is hovering just above the ground – this is your starting position! Slowly lift your hips to the sky, holding your leg in line so your hips are level and kettlebell stays up. Stop once you can’t raise your hips any higher, hold for 3 seconds and return to start position.

Complete this movement for 45 seconds using the same leg, rest for 15 seconds, swap legs and repeat for another 45 seconds, then rest for 15.

COMPOUND OPTION: chest press

After completing the thrusts on both legs, add a bit of arms into the mix! Holding one leg extended and one leg bent to hover just off the ground, grab the kettlebell above your nipples, keeping your arms tucked into your body and push straight up in a swift movement. Hold for 1 second at the top, then return to starting position very slowly - take 5 seconds! Once you reach the chest, let the kettlebell rest on your chest and lower your butt back to the ground, swap legs and repeat the arm movement.

Complete this movement for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, complete for another 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds.

GOODNESS.. YOUR GLUTES! The Ultimate Outdoor Glute Workout

Focused on single leg movements, this engages the three muscles of the butt, not just the gluteal maximus which can often dominate in double leg exercises. It’s important to utilise all three muscles because it allows your butt to have that lovely curvature we’re all after; but it boosts your metabolism super high because you’re activating muscles that might not have been targeted so extensively. What’s more is that single leg movements challenge your balance and core strength too, which helps your posture, plus whole core region to become flatter, stronger and more toned.

Time: 10 minutes

Equipment: Resistance band (bonus if you have a handled resistance band and light dumbbells however they are not essential)

Three moves, based around a resistance band and one goal: create that dream butt without entering the gym. Yes, it is possible, you just need to know how – and here’s some moves which will take you there.

MOVE 1: Resistance band sumo squat (with an option of shoulder raise to extension)

what it works: glutes, hamstrings, squads, core, plus deltoids and traps if you do the arm movements

Wrap a resistance band around your knees and get into a sumo squat position by imagining you are sitting back on an invisible chair and holding your core strong. The squat itself targets the glutes, hamstrings and squads, and adding the band helps strengthen the often neglected ‘side butt’ muscle the gluteal medius. Working this muscle specifically, in addition to your overall butt, gives you that lovely curve on the side of your bod.

If you’d like to make the move more challenging as I have done, start with arms tucked into your side with your elbow flexed at a 90 degree angle, holding light dumbbells. Then flare your elbows out to shoulder height. Finally, extend your eblow so your arm is straight. The whole movement should take you 4 seconds and should be smooth, controlled and fluid. If you can’t hold this position up properly without your arms drooping, choose a lighter weight.

Adding the movements also helps you work your (front) shoulder muscles and upper back, which is great news for your posture and overall appearance of your upper body: it ccreates greater disparity between your arms and torso, so your mid section appears slimmer, and your body appears more proportionally balanced.

Hold the squat and repeat the arm movements (if you have / are using dumbbells) for 45 seconds, then come up.  Rest for 15 seconds. Repeat this for 30 seconds, then rest for 30.

Move 2: Standing Resistance back kickbacks

What it works: glutes, hamstrings, quads, core

By doing this standing rather than on all fours, you force your core muscles to work hard to keep you stable – which is great news if you want to speed up your metabolism! Perform the movement by standing on one leg, having the band on your heel, both knees bent and leaning slightly forward. Hold the band like you would hold a rein on a horse. In a controlled manner, extend your raised leg behind you, hold for 3 seconds, then return to starting position.

Repeat for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, swap legs; repeat for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds.

Move 3: single leg squats with (handled) resistance bands – you can do this with a standard resistance band if that’s all you have though!

Start with your torso activated to keep you stable, flex one knee behind you, having your resistance band on the outside of your elbows and hands in front of your shoulders, with knuckles facing forward. Bend from the hip like you would a regular squat, sitting back in your imaginary chair. Keep torso strong to maintain control and balance. Lower your body as much as you can while keeping the squat position, hold for 3 seconds and then raise up, again, careful to maintain balance and not fall over (although when you do it’s rather fun).

Fierce Fitness: The 10 Minute All Over Workout

We all love a trim torso, no two ways about it. From a girl who knows a thing or two about having defined abs, here's my top 3 moves to shine the spotlight on your six-pack; designed for those of us who want a workout which is short, sharp and gets results - fast.

10 minutes
No equipment required, bodyweight only.

1. Warm up with 20 basic squats and torso rotations to awaken the core and legs
2. Complete the exercises for 45 seconds with 15 seconds break between each exercise (break the V sit tucks / V sit bicycles into two exercises).
3. Complete 2 rounds - stop when you have done each exercise twice
3. Cool down with some basic yoga stretches, bringing your breathing back down to normal with a frog squat, cobra and childs pose.

1. Jump squats.

Yes, I know. Not actually an ab exercise. Firstly, training the legs - a large muscle group - means that your body needs to raise it's metabolic rate a LOT to repair the damage to these cells (damage is good, it's when you feel that burn in your muscles which tells you they're working out). In comparison, the ab muscles are smaller and do not require as much energy to repair, therefore the fat you burn is less, compared to if you were to only work your abs. 

The correct form for jump squats is to start with the core activated, knees slightly bent and butt slightly poked behind, as if you were ready to sit on a chair. Hold your arms out straight in front if it helps you balance. As you move towards the ground as if you were trying to sit on a chair, explode with power from your heels and rocket into the sky.

2. Oblique Side Plank Crunches

Much better than the standard sit up which fails to engage your inner core muscles, activate both your TVA, internal and external obliques as well as your rectus bdominus - all the muscles in and on top of your core get a workout. Adding the crunch on the side means that the obliques are forced to work extra hard - which is great because they are often forgotten about! Part of effective training is doing different movements that target different muscles - it raises your metabolism much more efficiently than if you were to simply repeat the same exercises. Raised metabolism = burn more fat = hello abs.

Start in side plank position, then once you are stable on your side, raise your leg in the air to make a star position. Once you've mastered this, crunch your torso in a controlled manner, making sure you hold your core stable in the movement.

3. V Sit Knee Tucks -> V sit Bicycle Crunches

Targeting your TVA, internal / external obliques and rectus abdominus all at once! Starting in V hold with your tummy tucked in, your legs raised in the air holding tight, as shown bring your knees towards your chest in a controlled manner.

Get a toned torso with this highly effective core blast! Targeting your TVA, internal / external obliques and rectus abdominus all at once! 

Starting in V hold with your tummy tucked in, your legs raised in the air holding tight, as shown bring your knees towards your chest in a controlled manner. 

Careful not to let your core 'drop' as it can lead to injuring your lower back. As a modified version of this exercise, you can drop the feet to the floor - if you're struggling to keep your feet up and core strong at any point, I strongly advise you place your feet on the ground.