Kettlebell Killer: The 10 Minute Kettlebell Full Body Workout

Time: 10 minutes
Equipment: 1 Kettlebell
Results: Core stability, all over body workout for a strong, toned bod, self confidence and most likely boys bringing their milkshakes to your yard. These 3 movements work the core, legs, shoulders and back. There's a little bit of arms too! 

Warm up with 20 lunges, hip flexor stretches, downward dog, cat curl and cobra for 2 minutes.

Move 1: Classic Kettlebell Swing.
You know this one, you've done it in F45 classes for years now. Performed by sinking your hips back like you are going into a squat, then thrusting your hips forward and lifting the arms up so they are at shoulder height, with the kettlebell at your nipple line. 

Repeat for 45 seconds, 30 second rest. 

Move 2: Upright Kettlebell Row
Starting with your back straight, core activated, knees slightly bent and kettlebell resting at your hips (as seen in picture), pull it straight up so it reaches your nipple line and your elbows are flaring out above your shoulders. Keep your traps (muscles between your shoulderblades) secure in place to prevent injury.

Repeat for 45 seconds,  30 seconds rest.

Move 3: Single leg Kettlebell Deadlift
Note: This is CHALLENGING! Your core stability will develop super fast in order to hold this position. Starting with two feet on the ground, keep the kettlebell in one hand and raise the foot of the opposite leg, with your chest coming forward and leg raising up behind you; almost as if you are trying to be a horizontal line. Stop when you are a horizontal plank, then return up to starting position. Change legs. Move very slowly to maintain a strong core and flat back, careful not to compromise form. 

Modification: Leave both legs on the ground and just tilt your upper body towards the ground, leading from the hips and still maintaining a straight back. This will still be challenging, just a little easier as your feet provide you stabiliy. 

Repeat S-L-O-W-L-Y (count down from 3 seconds on the way down then another 3 on the way up) for 45 seconds. Rest for 45 seconds.

Repeat all exercises again until you've done each exercise twice.

Cool down with childs pose, hip flexor stretches, downward dog, cat curl and cobra for 2 minutes.