GOODNESS.. YOUR GLUTES! The Ultimate Outdoor Glute Workout

Focused on single leg movements, this engages the three muscles of the butt, not just the gluteal maximus which can often dominate in double leg exercises. It’s important to utilise all three muscles because it allows your butt to have that lovely curvature we’re all after; but it boosts your metabolism super high because you’re activating muscles that might not have been targeted so extensively. What’s more is that single leg movements challenge your balance and core strength too, which helps your posture, plus whole core region to become flatter, stronger and more toned.

Time: 10 minutes

Equipment: Resistance band (bonus if you have a handled resistance band and light dumbbells however they are not essential)

Three moves, based around a resistance band and one goal: create that dream butt without entering the gym. Yes, it is possible, you just need to know how – and here’s some moves which will take you there.

MOVE 1: Resistance band sumo squat (with an option of shoulder raise to extension)

what it works: glutes, hamstrings, squads, core, plus deltoids and traps if you do the arm movements

Wrap a resistance band around your knees and get into a sumo squat position by imagining you are sitting back on an invisible chair and holding your core strong. The squat itself targets the glutes, hamstrings and squads, and adding the band helps strengthen the often neglected ‘side butt’ muscle the gluteal medius. Working this muscle specifically, in addition to your overall butt, gives you that lovely curve on the side of your bod.

If you’d like to make the move more challenging as I have done, start with arms tucked into your side with your elbow flexed at a 90 degree angle, holding light dumbbells. Then flare your elbows out to shoulder height. Finally, extend your eblow so your arm is straight. The whole movement should take you 4 seconds and should be smooth, controlled and fluid. If you can’t hold this position up properly without your arms drooping, choose a lighter weight.

Adding the movements also helps you work your (front) shoulder muscles and upper back, which is great news for your posture and overall appearance of your upper body: it ccreates greater disparity between your arms and torso, so your mid section appears slimmer, and your body appears more proportionally balanced.

Hold the squat and repeat the arm movements (if you have / are using dumbbells) for 45 seconds, then come up.  Rest for 15 seconds. Repeat this for 30 seconds, then rest for 30.

Move 2: Standing Resistance back kickbacks

What it works: glutes, hamstrings, quads, core

By doing this standing rather than on all fours, you force your core muscles to work hard to keep you stable – which is great news if you want to speed up your metabolism! Perform the movement by standing on one leg, having the band on your heel, both knees bent and leaning slightly forward. Hold the band like you would hold a rein on a horse. In a controlled manner, extend your raised leg behind you, hold for 3 seconds, then return to starting position.

Repeat for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, swap legs; repeat for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds.

Move 3: single leg squats with (handled) resistance bands – you can do this with a standard resistance band if that’s all you have though!

Start with your torso activated to keep you stable, flex one knee behind you, having your resistance band on the outside of your elbows and hands in front of your shoulders, with knuckles facing forward. Bend from the hip like you would a regular squat, sitting back in your imaginary chair. Keep torso strong to maintain control and balance. Lower your body as much as you can while keeping the squat position, hold for 3 seconds and then raise up, again, careful to maintain balance and not fall over (although when you do it’s rather fun).