Would you like a personalised video sent to your inbox? (um, yes!)

Each week I gift 5 personalised videos to my community,
helping to address and overcome your key problems.

In order to win, the request is very simple:
help me spread awareness, advice and my sleep solutions
through your community - aka your friends and family.


  1. Head to my Facebook page, follow it if you’re not already

  2. Find a post with great advice and tag 3 friends who you think can benefit from hearing it.

  3. When you tag them, make sure you tell them why - e.g. ‘Hey, here’s some great advice about sleep, check it out asap!’

  4. Head to my Instagram page, follow it if you’re not already

  5. Do the same - find a post with great advice, tag 3 friends, tell them why they need to see the post.


  • There is no limit to how many posts you can do this for, or how many friends you can tag. Just be mindful to tag those who genuinely be helped if they saw the post.

  • The more people you tag and posts you comment on = the more chances you have to win.

  • The competition goes from Monday - Sunday, and I will be sending the personalised videos on a Monday:
    if you miss out one week, try again the next week.