Why are you not sleeping? 

It's not 'just' that you're stressed. It's not 'just' that you're on your phone or working late at night. 
Sleep loss can be caused by any number of the factors below:

Chronic Stress
Heightened cortisol prevents the complete production of melatonin in the evening, which would otherwise cause you to be sleepy. The two hormones are antagonists - one impairs function of the other.

Dietary Imbalance
Toxins such as gluten, dairy, alcohol and sugar puncture the intestinal walls and reduce absorption of precursor nutrients needed for sleep, such as tryptophan  

Improper Gut Function
Reducing our ability to sythensise sleep neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA and melatonin. 90% of serotonin is made in the gut!

Hormonal Dysfunction
Over time of chronically poor sleep our HPA Axis malfunctions, which causes us to be extra reactive to small stressors. This exacerbates the release of cortisol and leaves you irritable, anxious and exhausted yet unable to switch off.

Exercise Choice
Timing of particular workouts, over or undertraining, working out despite fatigued

Excessive Stimulation
Evening thermogenics, caffeine, nicotine or blue light emitting lighting source

Inadequate balance between stress inducing and stress relieving activities

Inappropriate Routines
Not having a progressive relaxation night routine and / or having an effectively stimulating morning routine

Not Valuing Consistent Sleep
Putting your rest behind work demands and social commitments, thinking you can 'catch up' over the weekend or on your next holiday. Unfortunately, that time is far away, and you suffer in the meantime.

If this sounds like you; you're not alone.
I know this because this is exactly what I hear each day.

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