If you’ve been suffering a long time, your HPA axis, the region in the brain responsible for responding to stress by releasing adrenalin and cortisol, dysfunctions, pinpointed by research lead by Sleep Medicine expert Dr Chrousos at National University of Athens. Not only does this make you feel wired - permanently - it also means that over time it becomes harder and harder to get to sleep and stay asleep. 

For anyone who’s woken up in the middle of the night in a fright, or with their mind racing and is unable to return to sleep, this is a result of excessive stress hormones circulating in your body.

This image highlights some long term consequences of sleep problems you may be experiencing. Notice it is on a clock - this is because if your HPA axis is hyperaroused, it wreaks havoc on your 24 hour circadian rhythm too.

Olivia Arezzolo unaddressed sleep problems