The Problem with Sleeping Pills

Particularly relevant for those experiencing daytime fatigue, academics at the University of Southern California found all benzodiazepines (sleeping pills) have immediate side effects of lethargy, fatigue and drowsiness, and that with ongoing use the drug builds up within muscular tissue of the body, exacerbating these conditions. 

Many of the people I work with say they feel more alert and energised the day after taking a sleeping pill, however it’s important to note this is the result of having quality sleep - and relying on these pills to get there is not a solution.

Short term, it contributes to drowsiness and specifically car accidents: this meta-analytic review of 66 scientific studies found “the greatest accident risk is associated with the first few weeks of BZD use”. 

Long term, it increases the likelihood of memory loss by 60%, as need in leading medical journal BMJ, with researchers advising “widespread use should be cautioned against”.  

Olivia  arezzolo sleeping pills

Overcome it by:

Not starting in the first place, instead adopting solutions - like what I advise - which allow you to naturally improve your sleep. 

If you have already started and are considering ceasing, you must seek support from myself or your GP to do so: academic journal Australian Prescriber reports ‘after a period of 1–6 months of use, abrupt cessation of BZDs can cause life-threatening seizures, delirium, and death’ .