Your Key Sleep Kit

Just like you prepare your kids for school by packing their lunch box and organising their uniform;
prepare for quality sleep with my personally tried and tested Sleep Kit range.
Feel free to send over any enquiries via my contact page about the products and I will do my best to assist you.

“Compared with dim light, exposure to room light before bedtime suppressed melatonin, resulting in a later melatonin onset in 99.0% of individuals and shortening melatonin duration by about 90 min.” as published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. NINETY-NINE experienced NINETY minutes less sleep. These are clinical trials by credible scientists in controlled conditions. Are you happy to delay your sleep 90 minutes each night?! Get these lights now please, for you - and those who live with you!

A must have for great sleep, particularly for those working late at night at the offices or home; or who enjoy a late night Netflix session. Similarly to the impact of light in general, don’t be one of the 99% who suffer 90 minutes less sleep after exposure to bright light!

Blocking out noise is critical for optimal sleep - and rather than cross your fingers that it will be quiet; having these earplugs ensures it. Don’t take risks - this is your evening sleep, daytime energy and ability to function we’re talking about!

Further reducing light exposure, a comfortable eye mask is fundamental for your best sleep - because you never know when someone else is waking up to use the bathroom! In addition, your daytime naps will never have been so restorative - because inducing complete darkness helps your body secrete melatonin to make you sleepy, just as if it were the evening. In doing so, you’ll progress into a deeper, more restful sleep state more efficiently, regenerating your energy to a greater degree. A must have for any shift worker.

Tracking sleep and steps = a sleep optimisation dynamo. It keeps you mindful of your progress, aware of key relationships (often you’ll find those days you didn’t walk so much you slept poorly!) and itching to push past that 10,000 step goal. Plus, it’s the only sleep tracking method which has been verified to match up to clinical actigraph (sleep measurement graphs). It’s reliability for both sleep and steps is incomparable - as a one time investment for the long term benefits to your fitness and sleep, it’s worth every penny.

Sleep Supplements

Topical Magnesium is similar to a magnesium supplement - except through the process of application, you become more relaxed because you’re giving yourself a massage (or your partner!). For this reason, I definitely encourage a magnesium rub after your evening shower - it will help relax you even further.

The herbal formula of Valerian and Hops neurologically calms the mind as it engages the GABA neurotransmitter pathway. Sleeping tablets also activate this hormone, however with sleeping tablets; there comes long term use problems. Fortunately - Valerian is an ancient remedy and comes with no side effects. This formula also features magnesium, which helps to further relax the body; so this supplement gets my seal of approval.

Sleep Teas

My preferred tea for my evening relaxation routine, a 2010 article in Molecular Medicine Reports highlights ‘Chamomile is widely regarded as a mild tranquillizer and sleep-inducer. Sedative effects may be due to the flavonoid, apigenin… it helps to calm nerves and reduce anxiety, to treat hysteria, nightmares, insomnia and other sleep problems’.

This night time tea tastes delicious and has relaxation promoting ingredients like lavender. Great for those who want to mix it up or dislike the flavour of chamomile.

Arvo Coffee Alternatives

As published in a scientific study in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine: “Tulsi has been observed to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, with a 6-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study reporting that tulsi significantly improves general stress scores, sexual and sleep problems and symptoms such as forgetfulness and exhaustion”. If that hasn’t got you interested, knowing that it’s caffeine free, therefore perfect for your post 2pm brew, should.

Love the flavour of coffee but don’t want to impair your sleep? Dandelion tea is for you - tastes similar; sans caffeine. Helping reduce bloating, detoxify liver and improve blood sugar balance, the rich antioxidant profile of dandelion means it’s an ideal accompaniment to your afternoon; especially if you find yourself reaching for the cookie jar.

Your Sleep Optimisation Diet

The disruptive impact of sugar upon sleep cannot be dismissed: As reported in Advances in Nutrition

  • greater sugar intakes was associated with more wake bouts during the sleep episode

  • duration of SWS and arousals during sleep, may be adversely affected by High Carbohydrate intakes, particularly of simple sugars

I realise we all love a little sweetness (self included!) so my preferred substitute is stevia: a herb akin to salt (just with a sweet, not salty, flavour!). With no calories, no GI loading, no toxic effects (ahem, aspartame!) you can add this to your cooking, coffees and teas like you like.

Dairy - not only does it impair gut function, which reduces your production of serotonin; a key micronutrient for sleep; but it also reduces your absorption of other nutrients such as omega 3 and tryptophan; again, required for sleep. This product tastes like parmesan, without being parmasen (it’s actually a B12 supplement), and I couldn’t rate it highly enough - combine with water, white beans and tahini for an the best dairy free dip of your life. Great over salads or on zucchini pasta too.

Great for as an alcohol substitute, Seedlip is sugar free too.

Although alcohol does help you initially fall asleep because it’s a sedative; once these effects wear off (around 3 or 4am) we often wake with a jolt. Alcohol impairs our REM sleep too, which is key for memory consolidation and emotional processing. For this reason, I strongly advise you to be mindful of alcohol intake, especially if your sleep is below ideal!

My favourite way to enjoy Seedlip? Blend with soda, mint and a little cucumber - refreshing and healthy.

My #1 energy supplement, spirulina is ideal for anyone who has high levels of stress and / or regularly drinks alcohol. Alkalising the blood; it helps reduce illness; nourishes the adrenals, improves mental clarity, boosts recovery from exercise and aids relaxation. Rich in iron and B vitamins for energy production, protein for satiety and weight management and magnesium for stress relief; if you only have one other supplement in your cupboard (outside your sleep supplement), make it this one. Take it in the morning - in the evening the energy boost can cause sleeplessness!

Sleep Optimising Exercise Kit

Exercise is fundamental to sleep - when movement is done in the morning, it helps correct timing of cortisol release; which helps you be alert in the daytime and sleepy in the evening. I definitely encourage EVERYONE (you!) to do 10 minutes (minimum) of morning movement - start with walking and jogging; and as your energy levels improve; progress to bodyweight exercises with resistance bands. Even if you’re training that evening, getting your blood flowing in the morning is critical to a good nights rest. If you want some recommendations into specific exercises; more than happy to help! Ask away on my contact page or via social.

These resistance bands are a must have in my home and travel workout kit, being lightweight and portable means they come with me where ever I go.. be it Portugal, Rome or Bondi!