My online personal training is currently in development. After years of working with clients face to face, I want to empower more people - whereever in the world you are! 

Whether you're looking to tone up, lose weight or any other fitness goal; I am sure i'll be able to help you. 

As well as your fitness program, you'll receive a meal plan, shopping list, affirmations, videos on how to change your mindset, a weekly coaching call and DAILY support via my members only Facebook group.

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I trained with Olivia on Bondi Beach and it was an amazing session! She pushed me beyond what i thought i could do, which is rare. It was also awesome to have her be so positive and motivating at the same time!
— Tatyana
After my training session with Olivia I was dripping in sweat and could barely feel my abs.. which is exactly what I wanted! She smashed me and it was awesome.
— Lanis
“I love my training sessions with Olivia! It’s fun, I feel fit, strong and listened to. She takes the time to understand my goals and tailors the workouts to it, much more than other trainers I’ve had in the past. I also love her little texts of motivation throughout the week - especially the affirmations! It helps me keep on track!
— Cayla
I love how each workout is different - I have never seen so many variations of exercises before!! The way she can turn a simple squat into something unique each time.. and my butt has never looked better!!
— Rachel
Olivia has provided excellent motivation and support through our training sessions, as well as additional dietary and fitness advice to help me reach my goals. A written goal setting plan and regular check ins via text have helped me achieve rapid fitness gains for my cardio and strength, as well as mind body balance. Olivia has created a tailored and challenging program to align with my goals. I’d highly recommend her as a personal trainer, especially if you like training outdoors
— Alex
Training with Olivia isn’t just fitness - each session we talk about goals, my progress, challenges i’m having and what I’m striving for in my life. I love it! She gets to me take out all the energy I have inside and put it into the session - it’s SO powerful! EVERYONE should experience her training and watch their minds and bodies change!
— Mary
Olivia Arezzolo | Personal Trainer Bondi | Mindset Coach
Olivia Arezzolo | Personal Trainer Bondi | Mindset Coach
Thankyou so much Olivia - you are a superstar trainer! I only ended our 3 weekly training because I had to back to NY for the (modelling) season; but it was so awesome to learn from you how to PROPERLY do all the exercises I had been doing for years! Finally.. I squat and it makes the difference I want to see!!
— Byroni
I love that the exercises I do with Olivia, I can do at home myself. She focuses a lot on my core and using bodyweight exercises - which is great for me as I have had lower back problems. Sometimes we go intense, sometimes we are more gentle and I like that she listens to how i’m feeling on the day.
— Jade