4 reasons you wake up sweating - and what to do. 

  1. Anxiety: Activating your sympathetic nervous system, anxiety increases your bodies production of stress hormone cortisol and adrenalin - similarly to the effect of caffeine.

  2. You’re not taking an omega 3 supplement: Reducing hot flashes from 2.8 to 1.58 per day in a clinical trial; research indicates omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for sweating and accompanying psychological distress. Another study, lead by Harvard Medical School also found a decrease in hot flashes after omega 3 supplementation - plus improvements in depression too.

  3. Unsuitable sheets: National Sleep Foundation reports a 200-400 thread count for sheets is ideal for temperature control. Pick a thermoregulatory fibre such as bamboo or wool - it absorbs the bodies natural moisture, releases and traps heat as required - which allows temperature homeostasis (consistency).

  4. Thyroid imbalance: academic journal American Family Physician reports an overactive thyroid is a major contributor to night sweats. Often experienced in burnout, menopause and pregnancy; other signs of hyperthyroidism are a racing heart, mood swings, weight loss, anxiety and muscle weakness.

What to do:

  1. Anxiety: ask yourself: what do I do when I am anxious? What are my coping mechanisms? Can I take advice from those who seem calm, using options such as meditation, yoga and exercise?

  2. Sheets: Change your sheets to a 200-400 thread count option in bamboo or wool

  3. Omega 3: Stock up on Medlab’s Bioclean Omega Triple: with EPA and DHA, it’s a perfect ratio of omegas required to balance your system. It is also free from gluten, dairy and artificial flavours.

  4. Thyroid: If this sounds like you, please consult a medical professional.