Imagine Your Nights..

Being able to switch off your mind when you want

Not rely on sleeping pills

Going to bed at 1030pm and falling asleep with complete ease

No waking at 3am with an incessant stream of thoughts

Imagine your days..

Waking up refreshed… at 6am

Powering through the day with 100% focus and and mental alertness

Not depending on sugar or caffeine to pep you up

Imagine the Impact for your Career or Business..

Attending all of your meetings with liveliness, even if its 5pm on a Friday

Not having to go back and fix mistakes you made because of exhaustion  

Remembering important details from conversations

Imagine the Impact for your Relationships..

Fewer unnecessary arguments in the morning or late afternoon when energy is low

More patience and tolerance to help solve their problems

Better quality time together – not just watching TV and scrolling on social media in silence

Imagine the Impact for YOU..

Following through on your good intentions to train hard and eat healthy, rather than being swayed because you’re simply exhausted

Having enough time and energy for your passion projects

Finishing the day feeling productive, peaceful and powerful

This is how you should, can and will feel. 
with my support.

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Gabriel Said
Production Innovation Director at Dynamix (Sydney)
May 21, 2018

Olivia is a miracle worker!! In only a matter of days Olivia was able to totally reverse my 20yr bad habit of sleeping only 3-4hrs! Through her professional and passionate approach Olivia has been able to dig deep unlocking the real issues that I never expected were related. It was all so much more then just switching off your phone at night like I had expected. On top of improving my sleep beyond my expectations, Olivia helped me ultimately to becoming a calmer, less cluttered individual and aware of how these things affected my sleep, my professional and personal life. I can't recommend enough her sleep optimisation program. The endless benefits will blow you away!


Matt Lanigan
Regional Franchisor Jims Real Estate, Social Strategist, Culture, Branding, Lead Generation and Property Enthusiast
May 24, 2018

Olivia is one of the best motivators and wellness mentors in my tribe. She has supported me through many ups and downs, that come with the territory of being a sucker for a start up. From a 8 week training program to general advise over the phone, she is always available. Most recently I was suffering some personal problems and was struggling to sleep, so I engaged her solution focused approach to this issue and after following her program I am now sleeping like a baby again. Would highly recommend as her work is priceless. Matt


Jason Michael
May 20, 2018

I can honestly say Olivia changes lives! Before I met Olivia I struggled with my weight, my outlook on life, my time management skills and just being a present father and husband. After incorporating Olivia’s program over the past 3 months my whole being has changed I am able to deal with everyday stresses, my weight is now managed having lost almost 10 kilos and my wife and kids are getting to see the best me. I couldn’t recommend Olivia enough!!!


Harold Dakin
Tourism facilities & Mixed use developments / Infrastructure
June 3, 2018

I came to Olivia as I was struggling with my weight; largely due to my busy professional life. I had seen other professionals before however Olivia’s strategies saw me having results within days - I lost 1.5kg in the first week. Alongside a diet plan, she provided information others had not before - such as lifestyle recommendations, how to eat healthy while travelling or throughout busy schedule and what to keep at home in the fridge. Her solutions focused approach is just what I needed to lose weight and keep it off. I highly recommend Olivia to anyone that wants to lose weight, be inspired and have achieving great health results