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Consider your stress levels, mood, mental fatigue, ability to enjoy social time / leisure time and how often this is impacted due to sleep, feelings of burn out, frustration from poor quality sleep and anything else relevant to your private life.
Consider your productivity at work, how often you make mistakes, how long these mistakes take to fix, how unproductive you are due to fatigue, how many appointments you have forgotten about or been late to due to exhaustion and anything else relevant to work

So we can be sure i’m the right expert for you, i’ve outlined what my former clients like Gabriel, Matt and Carlo reported before seeing me, helping you understand exactly what I help with.

  • unable to ‘switch off’ at night - or throughout the day

  • waking regularly at 3 or 4am

  • feeling extremely fatigued and unrefreshed when you wake up

  • feeling exhausted yet unable to sleep longer than 3-4 hours in one block

  • feeling irritated, moody and flat regularly

  • nearing the edge of burn out

  • considering or taking sleeping pills regularly

  • unable to focus or concentrate during the day

  • increasingly forgetting important details

  • struggling to manage your weight and appetite after a bad nights sleep

  • unsure of what you need to do to get a good night sleep

  • sick of feeling fatigued

  • wanting to stop relying on sugar or caffeine to pep you up

If this is you, I can help you.

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