Blue light

  • Blue light is a type of light which stimulates the brain

  • What happens is it inhibits the production of the key hormone to promote sleep, melatonin

  • LED lights from devices are the most harmful to your sleep

  • As a result, you remain awake, alert and switched on

  • Obviously, this is not what we want when going to sleep

  • The impact is similar to as if you had a coffee right before bed

Blue light sources:

  • LED Devices: phones, laptops, TV

  • Regular lighting.

    research in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism demonstrates exposure to ceiling lights too delays sleepiness hormone melatonin by 90 minutes.

Blue light Olivia Arezzolo

My advice?

  • Wear these glasses in the evening - blocking out 100% of light, including blue light, it allows you to more easily switch off in the evening and feel more rested upon waking too. Other brands only protect 40-50% of light, hence why I specifically recommend these. 

  • Have lights which you switch on at night. I recommend these. - this is for times you aren’t wearing the glasses, or for housemates / visitors who don’t have their own glasses.

  • Install the free program F.Lux which minimises blue light during evening hours

  • Turn on night mode on your phone, it’s in ‘settings’ for apple users; other phones have similar / download an app

  • Get support - sign up to my sleep tip series so you stay on track

One of my fundamentals for energy and healthy sleep, this research in peer reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives highlights how sunlight promotes synthesis of the hormone serotonin instead of melatonin - melatonin makes us sleepy, serotonin makes us awake. Translated, being outside makes you feel alert. For this reason, I highly encourage everyone to expose themselves to sunlight as early as possible, and it’s a part of my recommended morning routine.

These neurotransmitters (melatonin, serotonin a work on a 24 hour circadian rhythm, so exposure to light at the right time also helps you produce melatonin in the evening at the right time - early, rather than late, facilitating your feelings of sleepiness earlier in the evening, allowing your mind to slow down on the mental chatter. 

Impact of light