Even models and personal trainers aren't super healthy all the time....

I have a confession. Although I am a renown health fanatic and fitness freak, I have not been acting with integrity lately. I have not been treating my body with kindness or nourishing with wholesome goodness. For many weeks now, possibly months, I have been disrespecting physical and mental selves. And now, it’s caught up to me.

Waking up each morning, I’m feeling heavy, puffy and bloated. My digestion has slowed, my mind is struggling to think clearly and my skin is reminiscent of an oil slick. Although this isn’t painting the prettiest picture, this isn’t even the worst part. The most horrible element of this experience would be that I feel like I am the victim here. I’m suffering and there is nothing I can do. Poor me.

See, you might think that a model, personal trainer, nutritional medicine and wellness ambassador might not reach this place. Isn’t my entire lifestyle about health? Aren’t I meant to be at the forefront of everything holistic, educating others about what to do? Yep. That’s me. But… at the same time, underneath these labels, beyond my career, therein lies something more: the fact that I am a human being, and I am perfectly imperfect – exactly as you are.

And as this perfectly imperfect being, we will make mistakes. We’ll make decisions when we aren’t thinking clearly, and as a consequence, experience less than wonderful outcomes. And that’s 100% ok.  Why? Because facing an unpleasant experience motivates us learn and grow, inspires us to enhance our knowledge, provides depth of character, and – if not the most valuable element here – provides us sense of empathy for others who encounter similar challenges.

So, if this is you or someone you know, rather than beat yourself up or play the victim card, simply make a conscious decision to make better choices. Become more aware of the fundamental link between your actions and their consequences. And most importantly, be empowered by the understanding that your life is entirely in your own two hands. Because when you do, you’ll liberate others to do the same.

Written for the Natvia Sweeter Life Club, which i've been contributing now for over a year. For other brands interested in collaborations, please click here.