How to.. Host a Healthy Christmas Party

You’re hosting a Christmas party and thinking what to make…. “Sugar and spice and all those things nice” is what they say ….. but given how damaging sugar is, is it really that nice, and do you want to harm your family? You want them to feel that you are thoughtful and considerate, so we’re going to say a big N-O. Instead, we have the tips and tricks you need to deliver the tastiest sugar free Christmas lunch they’ve ever tried – and it will keep them asking for more.

Firstly, when you’re doing your prep, go the extra mile and do your research! Tempting as it is to buy the store-bought ham glaze and DIY over your ‘homemade’ lunch, have a look at the label and you’ll see that it’s probably full of sugar. Even if it doesn’t list “sugar” on the label, it may be under the guise of dextrose syrup, corn syrup, fructose, maltose, agave or fruit juice concentrate. Regardless of how those clever marketers package it, understand that 1=1 and sugar=sugar. The best thing to do here is pop a packet of Natvia in your basket and create your own glaze, or any other delicious creation that you’re whipping up.

Next, when you’re at the soiree, encourage conversation between courses – after all, the idea isn’t to get the most slices of that delicious quiche, the concept is to engage with each other. Slowing down will minimise that food coma and allow them to feel energetic, rather than flat, following your spectacular spread. Now THAT’S showing the ultimate Christmas spirit.

Second, on the topic of food, don’t mention it’s sugar free. Time and time again, it’s become very apparent if people KNOW something has been ‘healthified’, that they will turn it away and have a superimposing negative expectation upon trying it, so much so that it compromises their ability to actually enjoy the meal. Rather, just tell them the special ingredient is love and watch their faces, bodies and minds rejuvenate at your tantalising treats.

The final step in hosting the best sugar free dinner party is to make sure you’re consistent across plate and glass. No, we’re not talking about matching colour palettes here, what we mean is ensure that the drinks you serve are void of the aforementioned toxic sweet stuff. This will mean you’re going to have to avoid processed fruit juices and soft drinks at the least, and remember that alcohol is made from a base of sugar as well – so we encourage you limit it, if not remove it completely. Some special homemade mocktails which combine lemon, soda water, lime and a little freshly squeezed orange juice (still sugar, but nothing processed or excessive here) will delight your guests so much that they wont even take note of what they are missing out on. 

This article was a sponsored post for natural sweetener company, Natvia. Know that I would only endorse a company I believe in, therefore if you are looking for an alternative to sugar this christmas (or in general), I highly recommend the product.

Olivia Arezzolo | Melbourne Personal Trainer | Healthy Tips