Cafe Must: Earth To Table

Raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, vegan; this place shows you how incredible raw food can be, when done properly. They also offer a great range of health, wellness and spirituality books for you to flick through, along with a few tools that help your raw lifestyle.

Image via Pintrest - I Quit Sugar

This café is absolutely ridic: the creamy cashew zucchini spaghetti, the give me a high drink and a smoothie list to rival any hipster cafe in Surry Hills, when it comes to decadence, this place takes the cake (literally).

Image via Conquering Fear Spiritually

Website: Earth to Table
Where: Bondi Junction
Who will like it: Health nuts, or people seeking proof that vegan / raw food is more than green salads, or people wanting a piece of cake.
Vibe: zen
Who goes: locals, health fanatics who have heard the rumours.
Order: One of the cakes with some vegan ice 'cream'. Beyond.