Raw Vegan Fermented Veg & Avocado Bowl

If you want a healthy gut, this post is for you. Fermented vegetables, avocado, mixed leaves and seeds - this is packed full of anti-inflammatory and stomach healing ingredients. Perfect if you're coming off a cleanse - or need to get into one. Fermented veg are in the spotlight right now, promoting the growth of healthy flora in the gut - the stuff that helps us digest and absorb nutrients properly. This is key to our overall health as we need to be able to actually extract the minerals and vitamins from our food - and often due to toxins, stress, gluten and dairy, our gut lining becomes damaged and are unable to do their job properly. What happens here is you feel fatigued and crap even though you're eating super well. So do the little guys in your gut a favour and create this salad - oh, and it's pretty tasty too.






Organic mixed leaves
Organic coriander, chopped
Almonds, chopped into pieces
1/4 avocado, chopped
2-4 tbsp fermented vegetables

Blend all ingredients together and top with sesame seeds xxx

Image Credits
Photography: Attila S
Make up / Hair: Hilary Ho
Tan: Tuscan Tan
Outfit: Vie Activewear

Cafe Must: Earth To Table

Raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, vegan; this place shows you how incredible raw food can be, when done properly. They also offer a great range of health, wellness and spirituality books for you to flick through, along with a few tools that help your raw lifestyle.

Image via Pintrest - I Quit Sugar

This café is absolutely ridic: the creamy cashew zucchini spaghetti, the give me a high drink and a smoothie list to rival any hipster cafe in Surry Hills, when it comes to decadence, this place takes the cake (literally).

Image via Conquering Fear Spiritually

Website: Earth to Table
Where: Bondi Junction
Who will like it: Health nuts, or people seeking proof that vegan / raw food is more than green salads, or people wanting a piece of cake.
Vibe: zen
Who goes: locals, health fanatics who have heard the rumours.
Order: One of the cakes with some vegan ice 'cream'. Beyond.