Why Training Legs Gives You Abs

Yes, you did read that correctly, and no, i’m not on a chai high (that was this morning). Legs = abs, what? 


Firstly, abs are only seen when you have low levels of body fat. As in, around the levels of 15-20% for girls or 10-15% for males. So really, what we need to focus on is achieving low levels of body fat to see abs right? Right. 

Legs come into the equation because legs are our largest muscle group. So when we train them, we use a lot of energy, as well as giving our metabolism a kick up the ass. And, as we know, a faster metabolism burns fat - even when you’re not training. So that lean percentage of body fat will come when we have a fast metabolism combined with clean eating, because again, we know that food is around 70% of why we look the way we do.

I personally train abs a little, but legs a lot. And my abs - well, I am proud / impressed to see them given that I don't spend hours of day doing sit ups. Conclusion? Skip the crunches for squats, and see the changes.

Image Credit
Photography: Nick Dale
Make up / Hair: Janice Wu
Tan: Tuscan Tan
Outfit: Kiss Kill