My Q&A Feature on Sportsluxe Label, Lurv

To be completely honest with you, I'm pretty stoked about this feature article for luxe activewear label Lurv. It might seem small to some, but to be able to advocate healthy living, touch the lives of thousands of impressionable young girls and inspire wellness is something I have aspired to do since I was about 15. It's the key reason I started modelling. It's the reason I studied psychology for 4 years, Fitness for 2 and began my own blog. It's the reason I've spent years working hard, both in formal education, but mostly, on my own being - because the only way to inspire others to care for themselves is to do it - wholeheartedly - in my own life.

Here's a snapshot of the piece, but of course, I can't give it to you all - you'd see that here