Sugar Free September


Welcome to our favourite month of the year – September! And if you haven’t already noticed, we have a challenge for you – go completely sugar free for the month. Yes. If you’re wondering what to expect, how to manage or why you would consider this, continue below.

The why:

if you currently experience the sugar high post eating, and subsequent fall; if you’re feeling flat and fatigued more than usual, if your sleep patterns are poor, or your moods are erratic or lower, if your skin is breaking out, you have headaches or just not feeling as good as you know you can. All these are symptoms of poor diet, and sugar is one of the key culprits here. See, sugar wrecks havoc on your kidneys, adrenal glands, liver and brain, so these symptoms are common for those who have a dependence on the white stuff.

The how:

Simplest thing to do is switch your cooking sugar from refined to Natvia – no brainer. Encourage your mum, sister, best friend and boyfriend to do the same. The next step is to monitor other ‘natural’ or ‘hidden’ sugars (eg. corn syrup, rice malt syrup, maple syrup, dextrose, fruit juice concentrate, fructose, maltose, saccharin) which may be added to your otherwise healthy foods, such as granola, muesli bars or flavoured yoghurt. If you can’t find one that is 100% sugar free, for the sake of SFS (sugar free September), opt for an alternative, or even better, DIY using one of our recipes.

And then…

Share your experience with your friends, including us! See, we are part of the journey and want to support you along the way. We also want to inspire the rest of our community by your delicious recipes, ingenuous ideas and creative methods to celebrate being sugar free. Send us your recipes so we can post online, hashtag #sugarfreeseptember so we can regram, or write on this blog what has happened to you as a result of going sugar free. We can’t wait to hear all about it, knowing it will be amazing for your mind, body and soul.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo, model, personal trainer and nutritional medicine student. Her favourite part of living a sugar free September is the quest to wellness cafes in search of SF dishes: raw coconut and cacao bliss balls, vegan ice cream and peanut butter-anything being amongst her choices. She’s enjoying it so much she might continue it all year round.

Written as a sponsored post for Natvia Sweeter Life Club