Put Some Pork On Your Fork

Or chicken. Or fish. Or tuna. Or tofu if you're that way inclined. As long as it's packed with protein, it gets my thumbs up.

Protein protein protein.. why am I raving about you? Well, to be frank, I am quite conscious of how I look (i know.. weird..?), and I find that you my little friend give me boundless energy, you aren't stored as fat and help my metabolism stay sky high well after i've left the squat rack. By fueling my body with adequate protein, I minimise any dips into my muscle mass which can occur if I happen to be outside my kitchen (shock horror to my former housemates who believed this defintely not possible). What I also do is make my body work harder to process the protein itself in digestion: 2-3 times greater energy is used to digest protein vs carbohydrates. Meaning I make my body work for my steak - literally.

What I also love about protein is that it helps me feel full - for longer. Likely to be attributed towards giving my body what it actually needs - proper nutrients to repair damaged cells, muscle recovery and enhanced functioning of my internal systems - i'm sure you will resonate with me that after a hunk of meat (or non meat, hello vegetarians / vegans) you don't need to hit the fridge 0.2351 seconds later because your body is telling you - 'hey, it's cool, i'm pretty happy with those nutrients!". 

So next time you're thinking of having the pasta or the chicken - go the chicken. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Image via Pinterest