Olivia Arezzolo is a Personal Trainer & Model from Sale, country Victoria, Australia.

Growing up in a small country town called Sale in country Victoria, Australia; Olivia has a wholesome start to life - think nature, family time and not much else. She always loved sport, getting good grades in school and playing with her Jack Russell dogs. 

As she approached her adulthood she began to struggle with major depression and an eating disorder which unfortunately robbed her of much enjoyment during her teenage years, battling from the ages of 14-18. Overcoming this difficulty is what gave - and still gives - Olivia the determination to inspire and help others who may be facing similar challenges. Understanding how disempowering having these thoughts within her mind for what seemed to be endless time, she wants others to know they can get through it too - exactly as she has. 

Upon completing school she studied Psychology and then Personal Training, now combining them both to help her clients healthily transform the way their bodies look, as well as move towards greater positivity in their thoughts, particularly those regarding body image, eating and living a healthy lifestyle. She also spreads this positive message throughout her social media, where she inspires over 50,000 followers. 

As well as her personal training, Olivia is a model, a career which has allowed her to travel throughout Australia and internationally to locations including Milan, Barcelona, Singapore, Bali and South Korea. She found the greatest success in her modelling when she was keeping her body in the best shape - so the two careers have been successfully intertwined.

Olivia loves the combination of both facets of her life - modelling which is creative, adventurous and explorative; and personal training, which brings her tremendous internal satisfaction to help others look and feel their best, as well as assisting them overcome their own limitations.

'Life is yours for the taking.'

Olivia Arezzolo Personal Trainer Mindset Coach Sydney