Key Mindset Beliefs of Successful Bosses

After studying psychology, overcoming my own depression and creating a life I truly wanted (not the one that was given to me), I had to learn to be one thing: successful. How did I do this? I studied, research and investigated successful people around the world - business leaders to religious gurus; here are some of. the key beliefs that they held. All delivered to you in a nice neat package. Enjoy.... and more importantly; adopt them for yourself. I use this for my sleep clients, but if you are trying to attain a different goal; for example; weight loss; simply sub out 'sleep' and sub in 'weight loss'.


-       Being solutions focused is key. Ruminating on your inability to sleep properly does not lead you to sleeping properly. Being ‘solutions focused’ does – it means you concentrating your thought, mental activity and behaviour on exactly that: the solution; and further, what the solution will bring you – optimised emotional, physical, financial and social health.

-       Consistency between your written and spoken language is vital – alongside thinking about the solution and associated benefits in your own space; discuss it with significant others; in place of when you would discuss the problem.

-       Appreciating your capacity to change in the moment of ‘now’ is fundamental – the actions will be required to be executed on a daily basis, and the sooner you do them, the sooner you will enjoy the rewards of better sleep

-       Respecting there is no ‘better time’ to change – if you are currently struggling, the best thing you can do improve NOW. Any delay simply delays your progression

-       You know you need to change if your current sleep related behaviours are not permitting you to sleep optimally, alongside function at your best inside and out

-       Taking ownership over your behaviour, including their consequences, is essential. Negating responsibility for what you have or have not done is disempowering – and it removes your ability to create change. Rather, by admitting you have ownership over your actions; you have a greater capacity to enable positive change.

-       Adopting a ‘how’ mentality is crucial – for example; after identifying the key benefits to optimizing your sleep, you need to approach these results as 100% possible, simply a matter of learning ‘how’ to get there. The strategies in this program are the how – supported by science.

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