How to Break Old Habits - Your Mindset Guide

Included in my 21 Day Sleep Tip Series, this is super helpful in the process of change and helping you break old, unhelpful habits. Enjoy! 

-       Mentally detach from what you ‘do’ and ‘do not do’ and being open to new patterns – letting go of old habits allows you to have space for new ones – which evidently is what you need!

-       Although you feel you may have ‘always’ done something, unless innate, there was a ‘day one’ for it. Equally, there can a ‘day one’ for these behaviours – today even!

-       The key to maintaining these new habits is to stay focused of what sleep provides you - aka the benefits – remember the visualization of rejuvenating sleep? Keep that close. It will keep you motivated.

-       Be sure to mentally map out how these new activities logistically work. Where will you do them? What time? Are you alone? Psychologically preparing is critical – it allows you to have an understanding about what to do, if you’re doing it for the first time.

-       Disregard any objections or resistance – statements like ‘I’ve tried that before’ or ‘this doesn’t work for me’ only impede your success. Although this is true, you haven’t tried them NOW with MY program and MY support. Hence, it’s similar, but not the same. 

-       Be solutions focused – if difficulties arise, concentrate your energy on solving the problem, rather than ruminating on the problem itself. This takes practice, my friend!  

-       Results from the new habits, that is, improved sleep, comes through consistent action over time. The only way to change is for YOU to change. Further, the opposite, inaction, results in no change.

-       You have been able to adopt new patterns throughout your life – for example, learning a new job or skill at school. This provides you evidence of your ability to change.

-       The habits suggested are supported by academic research into sleep optimisation.

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