Stimulant Detox Guide

Can’t sleep? Mind won’t switch off? Unable to focus properly or string a sentence together come 4pm? I’ve heard this countless times from sleep deprived individuals like you. One of the first, and effective, methods you can use to remedy your symptoms and feel like a human being again is to reduce stimulants. Here is a guide, alongside substitutes, to stimulant reduction, including a few you probably didn’t realize. Here is a Downloadable Version for you to keep on your phone too, helping you make change in the moment it matters.

Swap post 2pm Coffee for… Tulsi (Holy Basil) Tea;

An ancient remedy for stress, memory loss and blood sugar balance, the anti-oxidant rich drop will boost circulation to naturally heighten your energy and improve absorption of magnesium – the key nutrient for relaxation. If it’s the coffee flavor you love; I’ve got you covered. Opt for Dandelion Tea – it’s rich and robust like your coffee; but won’t keep you awake at 11pm.

Swap Smoking for.. Nicotine Patches + Tea.

Nicotine patches will replace the chemical impact of smoking, whereas the act of having a tea will replace the act of having a smoke. Understand it’s not just the physiological boost you are craving – it’s a psychological relief too. Having a tea instead will provide you mental space and a much needed break from stress inducing activities, such as work.

Swap pre-workout blends for.. coffee in the morning; or tea after 2pm.

Loading up on pre-workouts, at any time of the day, is a surefire way to exhaust yourself later and be unable to sleep. Quite simply, our bodies are not designed for the amount of stimulation provided by these products -  not in addition to your other sources, such as stress, blue light and sugar. They are legal because in themselves; they are fine. However, when combined with the other elements mentioned; plus a weakened adrenal system from chronic stress, they are toxic.

Swap sugar for… Stevia

Stevia is a herb – like salt. It’s a naturally sweet compound extracted from plant leaves. It’s calorie free, does not raise blood sugar levels, does not cause the production of cortisol or have addictive qualities like sugar. It’s completely different from aspartame, the chemically manufactured product found in diet products which is scientifically proven to damage the brain, cause headaches and predict cancer. Find natural stevia health food stores (it’s green) or products such as SweetLeaf.

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