Stressed? This is for YOU.

Stress... the omnipresent feeling that leaves you exhausted, drained and moody. What to do if you're under ongoing stress? First, have a read of this article I wrote on adjusting your psychology towards particular stressors. In addition, these techniques will help you manage when you're under the pump. Tried and tested by yours truly, this is how I manage to stay cool calm and collected amidst a world of pressure and unrealistic expectations. 


-       Release stress through various exercise – walking, yoga, high intensity training

-       If you do release your stress through intense workouts, ensure you have 1-2 days weekly of less intense activity, and are more regimented about the quality of your sleep to ensure your body is recovering from your sessions properly

-       Team up with a professional or partner who can hold you accountable

-       Find what method works for you. i.e. yoga, running, walking, a boxing class, swim

-       Give this activity time each day, depending on your day. 5, 10 and 20 minutes – whatever you can afford. As you move through the weeks, you will have more time for this because through improving your sleep you will be more productive overall

-       Schedule it in like you would any other commitments

-       Realise the interconnectedness between your physical and emotional stress systems – in releasing stress from one, it improves the health of the other too

-       Give yourself additional time and energy to engage in these stress relief exercises when stress is exacerbated, such as on weekends or on holiday. If so, ensure your activity choice is not excessively demanding, such as a walk in nature

-       Encourage your family, friends and partner to have their own time which helps them release stress. This will aid their emotional health as well as help them understand your needs for your own time in these activities

-       Have sex regularly – it’s the ultimate stress relieving activity!

-       Release mental stress with your nightly Mind Dump – any thoughts or ideas that cause you stress, write them down and assess their truth, imagining you were telling this to another person.


-       Think of it as an elective – given that you experience stress each day, you need to have stress relief each day

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