The First Step to Enhancing Sleep

If I had a dollar for how many times I have said this, I would be counting pennies for days (and probably living with a beachfront view in Lagos, Portugal). But in all seriousness, the first thing to do to improve your sleep?

Have a relaxing evening routine!

The Routine:

  1. Switch off shower - 60 minutes prior to your ideal sleep time, have a lukewarm shower, and switch off from stimulation such as work, noise, and social media.

  2. Take a Sleep Supplement. I recommend this one by Swisse.

  3. Do something relaxing for 30 minutes (!!!). Meditation, listening to zen music while deep breathing, reading a book, chatting to your partner / housemates / family / cat, listening to a podcast with a phone which has Night Mode switched on (it’s in settings for any Apple user), or my favourite, to visualise my goals. Want to watch TV? Go for it - just use these glasses if you do otherwise you’re still stimulated via the blue light!

  4. For the last 10 minutes, go to bed, start deep breathing, turn on a meditation track (Headspace is my preferred app especially for beginners) and put an eye-mask over your eyes. For those who struggle to meditate, just do deep breathing and listen to a preferred relaxation soundtrack. Personally, I love Indian Flute Music I find on YouTube.

The Why:

It sounds so basic, yet so many of us are engaged in highly stimulatory activities just before we jump into bed - working on our laptops; watching TV (without blue light blocking sunglasses, probably); out for dinner and drinks. Then we jump into bed and expect our brains to just switch off, as if you were flicking a switch? Nuh-uh. It doesn’t work like that.

See, in order to progress to quality, deep restorative sleep, as well as stay there (aka no waking up at 3am) we need to prepare ourselves - that means, Unwind Your Mind.

Biologically, this is moving from brainwaves of alpha and beta; experienced when we are alert, onto a slower brain wave pattern characterised by theta; witnessed during meditation and overall drowsiness. By doing so, we allow ourselves to easily progress into the quality sleep - because just after theta, comes delta (waves), and if our brains exhibits this during the night, we wake with that ‘best sleep of my life’ feeling.

So; how do we ensure it? Have a routine which physiologically and physiologically relaxes the body, and do it - each night. Each of these steps is a gentle signal to the body that you’re ready for sleep, which doesn’t just help you initially; it also helps you sleep through the night, aka not wake up several times with 10,000 thoughts in your mind.

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