Why Should You Improve Sleep?

Considering doing something about your sleeping habits but not sure if it’s really necessary?
This article is for you.

  • Is it reasonable to assume in the future; there will be times you are stressed, busier than normal and / or jet lagged and ideally; you won’t experience symptoms of low quality sleep, such as anxiety, forgetfulness, and burnout?

  • Do you currently experience high levels of stress, and would like to be able to manage this more effectively?

  • Do you often feel flat and exhausted throughout the day and not know how to improve your energy levels without excessive caffeine or sugar; solutions which are not maintainable long term? 

  • Do you have a role which relies upon you performing at 100% each day, and significantly suffers if you are excessively tired or unable to concentrate?

  • Do you ever forget important details, misplace items, and then spend countless hours fixing your errors? 

  • Do you want to be able to more effortlessly maintain or lose weight particularly in your abdominal region, preserve muscle tone and training results, reduce cravings for sugary snacks? 

  • Would you like to avoid pointless arguments which come from snapping at your partner, friends or family?

  • Do you want to avoid the a 90% risk increase for obesity; 23% increase in motor vehicle accidents, 9.8 fold increase risk for depression, 17.35 fold increase risk for anxiety disorders, and 29% fewer mistakes at work?

If you answered yes to any of the above; then improving sleep is for you. 

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