Key Signals You Could be Sleep Deprived

Awareness is key, right? Here are some clinically proven symptoms your sleep is out of whack. Note that you don’t need all of these signs to verify your sleep is problematic - even just one is enough to qualify you. So then, what should you be looking out for?


  • rumination (your thoughts on an endless loop) 

  • taking longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep

  • not feeling the need or ability to fall asleep until midnight or later

  • waking up in the middle of the night more than once

  • Being unable to return to sleep once you are awake 


  • feeling completely exhausted or unrefreshed upon waking 

  • relying on caffeine to get you started 

  • wanting to stay in bed for longer than 30 minutes in the morning 

  • feeling irritable, moody and grumpy 

  • Inability to focus on morning tasks 

  • anti-sociability 


  • forgetting where you put things, parts of conversations, or doing complete activities 

  • zoning out regularly

  • rumination (your thoughts on an endless loop) 

  • Impaired concentration or attention span

  • relying on caffeine to stay pepped up

  • feeling unusually hungry and unable to satiate your appetite 

  • cravings for sugary snacks, breads, pastries, sweets and chocolates 

  • feeling flat, depressed or burnt out 

  • feeling wired, anxious or overwhelmed

  • exacerbating / overreacting to minor problems 

  • falling in to a heap once you get home from work / your day 

  • tightness in your chest, headaches, muscles aches and knots in your stomach 


  • recurrent cold or flu symptoms, with poor improvement despite efforts to recover

  • gut impairments digestion problems, including constipation, bloating, gas and toxicity to previously accepted compounds such as gluten or dairy 

  • lack of weight loss or difficulty maintaining your weight despite healthy eating and exercise

  • lack of muscle tone

  • muscle atrophy 

  • Lacklustre hair, uneven skin or nails 

  • Feeling burnt out, even with sufficient rest periods 

  • infertility 

  • low libido 

  • chronic anxiety

  • an ongoing depressed mood - over 2 weeks

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