My Fundamentals to EASILY stay lean, toned and feeling fit.

After modelling 9 years, as a personal trainer, and soon to be nutritionist; you could say I know a thing or two about how to. achieve a healthy weight. Here's my hit list of do's and do not's when it comes to achieving your best body - easily.


-       Track your movement using a fitbit or pedometer, aiming for 10,000 steps per day

-       Monitor your steps with an accountability partner

-       Do at least 10 minutes of walking or running outside within the first 30 minutes of being awake.

- Think of ways to integrate movement into your existing activities – walk and talk meetings, walking around a park instead of / following a social coffee, parking far away (purposefully) from your destination to increase movement

-       Seek methods to increase exercise in your spare time, such as choosing active weekend activities instead of sedentary ones

-       Get a standing desk for home, and encourage your employer to supply these at work

-       Stay hydrated with water – for each 1 hour of exercise = +1L of water

-       Encourage similar habits in your family, friends, children and partner

-       Eat wholesome, nutrient rich foods to energise your movements

-       Take a gentle walk at the end of the working day to signal the change your progression into your evening relaxation routine

-       Ensure you have approximately 20-45 minutes of sweaty exercise scheduled 5-6 times per week; as to aid stress relief and also improve your weight balance

-       Weigh yourself on a weekly basis to ensure you are within the healthy weight range; and if not; engage the support of a professional such as a nutritionist


-       Overcompensate this exercise eating additional refined sugars or high calorie snacks such as nuts in excess. The recommendation of 10,000 steps, set by experts, is based upon a healthy, balanced diet – unless you are underweight, it does not require additional energy consumption

-       Exhaust yourself to reach these targets – they aim to improve, not impair, your health

-       Become obsessed with the numerical value on the scale

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