21 Ways To Reduce Sugar



  • adding sugar to your beverages - opt for stevia

  • honey, maple syrup, brown, raw or white sugar - all are still sugar! 

Lunch / Dinner

  • salad dressings

  • teriyaki, sweet chilli or cream based sauces

  • Balsamic glaze 


  • Turkish bread

  • pastries such as crossaints, donuts 

  • dried fruit 

  • flavoured yoghurt


  • Muesli bars

  • bliss balls 

  • vegan or gluten free cakes, brownies or biscuits 


  • ice cream

  • Sorbet

  • cakes, chocolates, anything outside fresh fruit 


  • pre-mixed juices

  • pre-mixed alcohol in cans

- alcohol, especially beer and cider 

  • tonic water

  • - soft drinks - diet or regular

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