How Sleeping = Fat Loss, Weight Loss and Muscular Definition.

If I told you I knew a secret method that would increase your fat loss, muscular tone and accelerate weight loss…. Without any extra effort at all… would you believe me? What about if you could spend less time at the gym but still have the same, if not better, results from training? And what if this secret method was completely safe, is free, and able to be implemented by you right now?

Sounds too good to be true right?


What’s the secret you ask?


And here’s the science to prove it:

-       Researchers found that when on a weight loss plan, individuals lost 55% more fat when they slept 8.5 hours compared if they slept 5.5. FIFTY-FIVE. They controlled for all other variables and used the same participants in both sleeping conditions (4)

-       Partial sleep deprivation, that is, anything below 7 hours, predicts 385kcal energy intake daily. Tangibly, this is a piece of chocolate cake or 3 glasses of wine. Researchers noted that the calorie demand was predominantly for additional fat calories (1).

-       It increases hunger yet decreases satiety: researchers investigated 1,024 individuals in the Wisconstin Sleep Cohort Study and found those habitually experiencing 5 hours of sleep had 14.9% higher levels of Grehlin, the hunger promoting hormone, and 15.5% lower levels of Leptin, the hormone to suppress hunger (2).

-       Finally, a meta analysis of 204,507 individuals found that sleep and obesity had a bi-directional link: poor sleep predicted obesity; and obesity predicted poor sleep (3).

And if that wasn’t enough…

-       After 1 night of 4 hours sleep, cortisol levels increase by 37%. Cortisol increases protein breakdown within muscles which reduces your metabolism and decreases muscle tone. (5)

-       70% of Growth Hormone, the key neurotransmitter for muscle repair post training, is secreted in deep sleep. Without this hormone, your muscles simply do not restore or recover from training. This inhibits future training efforts as well reduces results from previous sessions. (6)

So… do you believe me a little more now? Sure, we are not all trying to lose weight, but if you had the opportunity to be leaner, more defined, maintain your weight easier, and be more relaxed on your diet with fewer consequences for your summer body…. Would you take it?

You have this opportunity every single night. By sleeping 7-9 hours, this is the cold hard truth – this is what happens, according to science. And by NOT sleeping this much, the reverse happens: you reduce your results. And given how time poor I’m sure you are, I’m almost certain that the idea that you are wasting your time is leaving you less than thrilled.

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Image by Fiona Peters for Lurv, shot on location in Bali