Scientific Facts of Sleep Deprivation: What it does to your Overall Health

I like to facts. You like facts. Here are some FACTS, as in, scientifically proven evidence, around sleep deprivation. The studies below class sleep deprivation as anything below 7 hours. SEVEN. 

Note - If you would like me to share the scientific studies with you, please email me. I'll happily show you - it proves the research is based upon humans who are extremely similar to you - working too much, sleeping not enough and evidently, suffering immensely.

-       A 2017 meta-analysis published in Neuroscience and Biobehavioural reviews reported that scientific studies consistently demonstrated sleep produced reduced attention span, long term memory and executive functioning (decision making, logistical organization, time management and self awareness) (9)

-       The brain detoxifies in deep sleep: as a result of cognitive processing, the neurotoxin beta-amyloid builds up during waking time. When we rest, the cerebral cortex expands in a manner that allows the removal of this toxin, thus allowing processing speed to be returned to normal. Without proper deep sleep, this neurotoxin builds up and causes memory loss and memory lapses (7)

-       A study of over 5,500 men and women found that those sleeping less than 6 hours per night were 66% more likely to have hypertension (18)

-       A Meta-analysis of 204,507 individuals found there was a bi-directional relationship between obesity and sleep problems (14)

-       An analysis of 13,322 individuals undergoing health behaviour change programs found that poor sleep predicts lack of other healthy behaviours being maintained, such as healthy alcohol use, physical activity; largely due to physical and mental fatigue (13)

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