Snacks to Improve Sleep AND Lose Weight

Snacks - we all love them. Make sure your choices are nutrient dense yet calorie sparse, helping you achieve weight management and weight loss as you like, but leaving you satiated. Regardless of your goals; these snacks are rich in micronutrients which helps you feel, and look, great. They will help your sleep because weight management = improved sleep; they are all gut healing, which is super important in your absorption of nutrients such as tryptophan and magnesium which help sleep.

My favourites? Cucumber with peanut butter, boiled eggs, apples and walnuts. All travel well - perfect for those who are on the go.


-       Before you snack, drink 500ml of water and do 1 minute of deep breathing, wait 20 minutes, then assess if you are still hungry. Often we are thirsty, stressed, or both; not actually hungry

-       If you prefer, split your meals into two portions which allows you to have a ‘main’ and a ‘snack’. This saves you time and energy finding snacks.

-       Ideally, have no longer than 4 hours between meals to prevent unstable blood sugar levels



-       Any tea from the shopping list

-       Cucumber sticks

-       Cherry tomatoes

-       Raw carrot sticks

-       Any other raw vegetables

-       Vegetable soup

-       Chicken or vegetarian pho or similar clear broth soup with vegetables

-       Sauerkraut

-       Bone broth

-       Boiled eggs (x 2-3)

-       Omelet with veggies (2 whole eggs and 1 egg white)

-       2 x Rice paper rolls, minimal mayonnaise

-       Garden salad

-       Raw vegetables

-       2 x pieces of whole fruit per day

-       vegan protein smoothie made with nut milk or water, with or without vegetables

-       vegan protein pancake (1 scoop protein powder and one mashed banana, cooked without oil in a fry pan)



-       50g edamame beans

-       50g seaweed salad

-       1 can tuna or salmon in brine – I like to pair mine with sundried tomatoes or olives

-       50-100g sashimi

-       handful of (or 4 large) rice crackers and 1 tbsp. nut butter



-       ensure you have had the 3L of water (plus any additional requirements from exercise)

-       have 2 large cups of herbal tea, with or without nut milk

-       do deep breathing for 2 minutes to ensure you are not eating out of stress



-       bone broth

-       clear vegetable soup

-       1 piece of whole fruit

-       2 eggs, in whatever form you like

-       protein smoothie with maximum 1 piece of fruit and nut milk or water

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Olivia Arezzolo Sleep Solution Snacks

Image by Fiona Peters for Lurv, shot on location in Bali