Stress Management Fundamentals

Stress - probably the most widely spread, under treated condition globally. Studies show it's largely our perception of the problem, rather than the problem itself; which causes us to stress out. For this reason; I have developed a guide for you as it helps you adjust your perception, which if done effectively; will lessen your stress. Know that these are practices - as in, methods which you use daily. I use this for my sleep clients; however it is helpful for anyone - regardless of sleeping problems or not.


-       Meditate daily in a structured manner – this means eyes closed, listening to a meditation track or your own breathing for a set period of time

-       Repeat your daily affirmations morning and night

-       Aim to be present in each situation: it allows you to respond to the environment with awareness, not by default.

-       Plan each day and week to minimize stress, only committing to valuable activities

-       Do a monthly evaluation of your time and pinpoint any activities which are causing you substantial stress; and look at how you can modify them, using the template below

-       Realise that you are not a machine which will function at 100% regardless or not if you take care of your emotional health

-       Reach out if you are not coping – doing so is a sign of strength, not weakness, and can -only serve to benefit you

-       Voice your concerns in an honest, open manner if you are being placed under overwhelming pressure on a regular basis from your work, partner, family or friends.

-       Find what works for you – you may prefer a yoga class, boxing or a swim in the ocean

-       Do a 'Mind Dump' each night – any thoughts or ideas that cause you stress, write them down and assess their truth, imagining you were telling this to another person.


-       Ignore signs of burn out or chronic stress, such as recurrent illness, constant fatigue, sleeping problems, emotional exhaustion, depression, anxiety, unproductivity and weight change

-       Feel guilty for saying no to additional requests or excessive demands

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