How to Detox Your Home & Workspace for EPIC Sleep

Exposing yourself to fewer stimulants, such as blue light, is naturally going to improve your sleep - and you didn't even try. Adopt these changes as soon as you can and enjoy sleeping sweetly once more. 

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-       Evening, non blue light emitting, lighting for home and work

-       Comfortable bedding – 200-400 thread count

-       Comfortable mattress if yours is sub-par

-       An alternative place to do working activities at home which is not your bed

-       Blue light blocking (orange) sunglasses

-       Notepad for writing for Mind Dump (explained in action plan)

-       Eye mask and earplugs

-       Supplements as advised (see guide for specifics, however as a summary they are magnesium rub, valerian root + lemon balm, spirulina, probiotics)

-       Caffeine free alternatives to coffee such as Tulsi tea, as advised on shopping list

-       Sleep optimizing foods for this week from Shopping List

-       A preferred meditation soundtrack or app downloaded on your phone



-       Night shift (iPhone) or similar on android / Samsung

-       Headspace

-       Flux (on your laptop / computer)



-       Foods in your kitchen / workspace which are not on the shopping list which contain the following:

o   Gluten

o   Dairy

o   Refined sugar and Heavily processed foods, such as chocolate, chips, lollies

o   Pre-workout stimulants

o   Toxins such as aspartame as found in ‘diet’ products