Improving your Sleep through Diet - Vegan and Vegetarian Substitutes

We all want better quality sleep right? Yes. And what if you could eat your way there? You can. Even as a vegan or vego. Here is your guide to the plant powered alternates to fish and eggs, designed with YOU in mind.

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For a sleep optimised diet, it means it's rich in:

-       Tryptophan, an amino acid.

-       Omega 3+6’s

-       Overall protein


 Add to your every meals freely:

-       Spirulina

-       Leafy greens

-       Mushrooms

-       Pumpkin

-       Tomatoes


Add, but not more than 30g per day (cumulative, not each)

-       Pumpkin seeds

-       Walnuts

-       Hemp seeds

-       Flax seeds

-       Flax and water

-       Chia with water 


Supplements to consider

-       DHEA

-       Omega 3+6 (non fish oil)

-       Omega 3 enriched food, such as olive oil 


Olivia Arezzolo The Sleep Solution Diet Vegan Vegeatiran

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