The Sleep Solution Diet - Your Complete Guide

Studying nutrition has really illuminated how much we can optimise our diet for sleep. Follow this guide and you will rapidly see your sleep be deeper, more restorative and. unbroken. Yes, yes, yes.


-       Unlimited Fresh, non starchy vegetables – salad or brassica vegetables

-       1-2 pieces of fresh fruit per day

-       lean meat with the fat trimmed off + no skin (100-150g = one serve), with a preference for fish

-       3L of water DAILY

-       Herbal teas – unlimited

-       Herbs and spices as seasonings of choice

-       Baked, grilled, poached or raw styles of cooking



-       Gluten – bread, pasta, cous cous (1 piece of sourdough bread is ok in morning and lunch, not dinner)

-       Dairy – milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream

-       Processed foods such as bottled fruit juices, muesli bars, chips, chocolate, lollies

-       Caffeine after 2pm from all sources, including cacao, black tea, coffee, cola and non cola drinks

-       Refined sugar, as found in cereal, muesli bars, cakes, sweets

-       Pre-workout formulas

-       Fast food

-       Dressings EXCEPT olive or coconut oil, herbs and spices as advised

-       Excessive dressing on meals

-       Frying as a method of cooking



-       Start the morning with 500ml water with lemon inside

-       Drink 500ml of water with each meal

-       More water is required for sport – drink up!

Olivia Arezzolo The Sleep Solution Diet



-       Eat with intention – only eat when you are sitting

-       Be mindful when eating and do not rush: when we eat under stress you do not absorb nutrients properly so we are likely to remain hungry after eating, leading you to overeat

-       Eat when you are hungry, don’t eat when you are not

-       Start each meal with a glass of water

-       As a rule of thumb, have a fresh green salad with lunch and dinner

-       Add thermogenics such as chilli, peppers and capsicum to daytime foods –  they heighten circulation, metabolism and fat burning. Do not add at night

-       Eggs + fish are priority. High in omega 3’s, they relax the nervous system which will help you sleep properly. Also rich sources of magnesium which decreases cortisol levels.



-       Own your eating: stick to foods, outlined above, which you know make you feel energetic; regardless of others. They do not have to live inside your body – you do

-       Be selective of alcohol consumption, and if you do drink, drink slowly, have a glass of water between drinks, choose clear spirits such as vodka soda and always avoid beer

-       If not drinking alcohol, try soda water with fresh mint and a touch of juice. It’s my go-to!

-       Avoid juices, colas, mocktails and any other sugar filled beverage

-       Eat as you would normally – do not feel you have to finish everything. Take some home if you’ve over-ordered

-       Ask for dressing on the side



-       Breakfast: protein smoothie

-       Lunch / Dinner: Any salad which mirrors the guidelines above from a café; rice paper rolls; salmon sashimi with seaweed and green salad

-       Snacks: piece of fruit, boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, herbal tea / water (yes, often we are simply dehydrated, not actually needing food!)

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