3 anti-anxiety, sleep enhancing remedies suitable for children 

Mental Health organisation Beyond Blue reports half of all lifelong mental health problems begin before the age of 14 - with anxiety one of the most common. 

With anxiety debilitating in itself, it also impacts sleep - studies show anxious children sleep on average 30 minutes less than non anxious peers - an accumulating debt over time, contributing to ADHD, insomnia and learning difficulties.

If this is your child, here’s 3 natural, evidence based remedies to help them overcome anxiousness:

  1. Limit screen time to 1 hour or less . A 2018 study of 40,337 children noted children using screens over 1 hour a day are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety and depression exclusively. They are 3 times as likely to have taken medication for behavioural problems too.

  2. Weighted blankets - with 63% of individuals reporting lower anxiety and 78% noting increased relaxation, weighted blankets are a clinically supported tool - as found by a 2006 study in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health.

  3. Expressive play - Academic journal BMC Pediatrics reports expressive play, where children are encouraged to use creative activities such as painting, journalling and puppets to express their negative emotions supports anxiety management. In providing them a safe space to ‘let go’ of their worries, it helps them process fears and disassociate from them.