Introducing my newest partner - Alila Manggis.

Lured in by the palm trees, dreamy hammocks and wellness offerings - a plant based menu, complimentary yoga, tai chi and more… accepting the opportunity to partner with the world renown Alila wasn’t a question - especially after my wonderful experience there. As their newest sleep specialist, it’s my pleasure to share my advice on how to get your best night sleep with every guest who stays - it will inside each room, ready to implement there and then. 

And for everyone reading this, alongside sharing this epic news, I’m thrilled to share my experience at the hotel - knowing that after reading, you’ll be selecting your dates to go… and will find yourselves equally as happy.

Who: 4 close girlfriends  - When: September 2019 - Where: Alila Manngis, Bali

What we loved:

  1. The food. Seasalt catered above and beyond - the grilled king prawns were an absolute highlight, seasoned lightly with balinese spices. The plant based menu options enabled almost vegans such as myself to dine on delicacies such as ceviche watermelon (or akin to this) and ‘eggplant in the garden’ to our herbivore delight.

  2. The staff - imagine every request being invited, every conversation met with a smile and every ‘good morning’ accompanied with genuine warmth… by staff? That’s what we found at Alila - Jordi and the team looked after everything and accommodated to every whim - we felt like princesses every minute we were part of the alila experience, from the moment they opened the car door to the moment they hugged us goodbye.

  3. ‘Mount To Sea’ mountain bike ride. ‘Mount to Sea’ was beyond a bike ride - it was a cultural experience. Always up for fitness, the collective enthusiasm of 4 girls on a bike (for the first time in years so many of us) lit up by visions of lush rice paddies, whispers of local balinese chit chat and aromas of natural fauna was magic - and reached a pinnacle by the end of the ride when we arrived at the epic Virgin Beach. Drink a coconut and relax - this is a day you will not forget.

  4. The Spa. I thought I knew massage… then I had one at alila, and realised I had never had a massage like that. Relaxing me more so than I had ever experienced from any massage in the past, I thought an hour for an energiser bunny like myself would be overly enough… so when I leisurely woke from a light slumber, I was surprised to find my massage had gone to the full 90 minutes and I had drifted off somewhere in between.

  5. The sound of waves crashing whilst going to sleep. This needs no explanation.

  6. The trust that I’ll be back very soon. With the knowledge of above, would you wait? Thought not. I have my next trip in planning - and if you want to book a trip too, let me know - email me on - I have a VIP offer for my community, exclusive to Alila Manggis.

As to seal the deal, here’s a collection of my favourite images from the trip…. Enjoy and I’ll see you at around the pool soon.

As a final note, to Jordi, the staff and the entire Alila Manggis family, I couldn’t be happier to partner with you - or recommend that all my friends, family and community visit you, trusting you’ll extend the same warmth, love and kindness to them as you did showed myself and my group. Thank you endlessly.